Tenacious D

 Just a quick one today to fill you in on progress with my current WIP.
I separated the sleeves and joined the underarm towards the end of last week. DH tried it on last Monday to check how it fits.

Verdict? I am thrilled at just how well it fits. It is just perfect over the shoulders and neck and shoulder-blades. I am convinced that my tenacity with this project is finally paying off.

I asked him how long he wanted it (great advantage to the top-down) and he indicated a point that was 17 inches away from where it is now! Gah! 17 inches!!! For the body alone! And then I’ve got to tackle the sleeves.

I’m not sure my rate is up to one-inch-per-day. Even if it was, this is not going to be done by the end of January.

But I’m not giving up, no! Not me. I’m going to soldier on and keep on knitting. After all… it fits!!! And I am Tenacious D!


3 Responses to “Tenacious D”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Oh dear, Tenacious D. How I laughed. See, my husband is the spitting image of Kyle – (the one who isn’t Jack Black) so every time I hear their name I think of him getting mad when I tease him for looking like Kyle. Snigger.
    Onto the jumper. How good is that fit? Brilliant! And don’t worry about the 17″. They’ll pass before you know it. At least theres some cabling to keep you interested. Imagine if it was 17″ of stocking stitch? Aaagh!

  2. Bridget Says:

    It looks great! And I am highly amused by your “Tenacious D” identity …

  3. Averil Says:

    Well done you! Keep soldiering on it´s looking lovely. You don´t fancy tackling some of my wips around here next do you?! I seem to be knitting in reverse..

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