Serial Adultery

The other day I had cause to introduce one of my work-colleagues for the first time to a senior manager in our client department. Upon shaking her hand, he said his name and added “Serial Adulterer”. My work-colleague didn’t know where to look or what to think; and I quickly launched into some work-related topic to spare her blushes. Afterwards, we both agreed it was the most bizarre way to make a first impression.    

However, it got me thinking about being a serial adulterer and has caused me to fess up! While the cat’s away; the mouse is at play: DH is out of the country on business at the moment and meanwhile I’m being unfaithful – to his cardigan. I think when I realised that there was no chance of getting it done by January my eye started to wander and my fingers started to itch. Last night I knit a swatch for a Calyx Hat in Noro Big Kureyon and cast-on for a pair of fetching. I got a bad dose of “Startitis” – I thought I was immune!    

To prove to you – after such a sordid confession – that DH is truly the apple of my eye, the F.O. I present to you this Friday is his Christmas present: socks. Quelle suprise!    

Cat Bordhi's Ridgeline Master in Jawoll Silk by Lang


  • Pattern: Cat Bordhi’s Master Ridgeline sockitecture on either side of the racy-lace detail of Oriel stitch pattern from Charlene Schurch’s book “Sensational Knitted Socks” up the front ridge and the leg above the heel to the rear.
  • Yarn: Jawoll Silk by Lang in Blue (Colour no. 130.0035)
  • Size: 9&1/2″ feet
  • Verdict: loved this yarn and look forward to using it again. I loved how the lace pattern was mannish but a bit racy at the same time. DH is delighted with them.  

Racey-lacey detail

Oriel Stitch Pattern from "Sensational Knitted Socks"

In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I have to admit that DH was not the original intended recipient. I started knitting these intending them as a birthday present to a friend of mine & DH’s but I didn’t finished them in time. I’m glad I didn’t post them to him, as it turns out, as his parcel went AWOL in the postal system – very frustrating!

Then I decided I would give the completed socks to one of my Clerk-of-Works. He’s been a fantastic help to me over the past year and is someone I rely on and trust to steer me right. At the same time, I worried about doing this because I’ve another Clerk-of-Works that I also think very highly of. The faux-jealousy between the two of them is great source of banter between the three of us. One feigns umbrage if I interrupt our discussion by answering the phone to the other; I can wrangle a slice of a cream bun during a site visit by mentioning I got chocolate biscuits when I visited the other’s site. 

In the end, DH got them by default or by subterfuge – you tell me: as I was finishing them off, I asked DH to try one on to check the fit. He did so, all the while remonstrating me, playfully, because he wasn’t the intended recipient. Then, as I was weaving-in ends on the second sock, he forgot he was wearing it and went outside to check something – without pausing to put any shoes on! That brief excursion was enough to make one sock look decidedly worn in comparison to the other. Given my concerns about upsetting the delicate balance between my two main Clerks-of-Works, I decided Fate had come in to play and my own true love was the most deserving of all.


4 Responses to “Serial Adultery”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Very nice socks!

    But do you really want us all to know that you are an adulterer??? 🙂

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Yes, by admitting publicly to my recent bout of Startitis I’m taking steps towards getting back on the straight and narrow with DH’s cardigan…
      …if you can call 260sts per row “narrow” Gah!

      As for actual adultery? I’ve never met a man who could hold a candle to my DH.

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Love the socks. The yarn is yum! And what a weird way to introduce yourself??

    • undermeoxter Says:

      I know! It doesn’t benefit from too much analysis either: is he trying to say “you look so cute I’ll leave my wife; but bear in mind I’ll leave you too”!!!
      In the end we decided to put it down to a case of verbal diarrhea. I get that too sometimes.

      I love that Jawoll Silk yarn too – haven’t been able to find it since. Don’t tell me where you can get it, though; or I shall be forced to pluck out my eyes! Strict.Yarn.Diet.

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