I Knit Stash

When I posted about my plans for Ravelympics the other day I realised I was showing off my Dazzle before it had been properly debuted! Scandalous! 

It’s one of a few (okay – many!) purchases I made at the I Knit Weekender last September.

Here’s the main three, plus a little prezzie that Caroline had in store for me when she returned from her holidays in the U.S.

Just Desserts

From the top:

Heritage Hand-painted Sock yarn by Cascade Yarn (not bought at I Knit – a present Caroline brought back from her holidays)

Dazzle, BFL by The Natural Dye Studio; as previously mentioned  – bought with Ishbel in mind

Dream in Colour, Smooshy bought from Skein Queen’s stand; reminds me of petrol in a puddle

Bamboo Mix by Easy Knits – colourway “Rhubarb”

There were other purchases, but you’ll be hearing more of them another day.


7 Responses to “I Knit Stash”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Pretty yarns! And I just read your plans for the Ravelympics – you are way more ambitious than I am! Good luck though, I’ll be curious to see how you do with your plans and projects.

    • undermeoxter Says:

      I plan on leaving the hat and the Ishbel towards the end of the 17 days. I doubt if I’ll manage to do both so I think I’ll focus on the hat pattern first – I’d be thrilled with myself if I managed to donate something to p/hop in this way; whereas the Ishbel is entirely for me, me, me!

      I’m looking forward to seeing your Ravelympics plans come into fruition.

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Dream in Color Smooshy, oh how I love thee! I’ve been the proud owner of one skein of this before, and it made the most gorgeous socks. Well, actually it made a pair for me and a pair for daughter, so great value. It really made the socks pop and wears really well. Some day I will get my hands on another skein. Oh yes.

    • undermeoxter Says:

      I remember your Dream-in-Colour Smooshy socks and I think that’s what set me of a mind to buy a skein for myself. (Yes, I’m blaming you for my Stash Accumulation!)
      The big question will be: does DH deserve to get a pair from this skein, or will I be entirely selfish and keep it for myself?

  3. Máiréad Says:

    Lovely stuff 🙂 I have a skein of Dream in Color smooshy I got last week so good to know it’s yummy 🙂

  4. Razzle dazzle ‘em « Under Me Oxter – coz that’s how I knit Says:

    […] initially thought “socks” but then it dawned on me that my skein of Dazzle was all balled up and ready for action for the Ishbel I’m planning in […]

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