Ziggy: more Zzzs than Zoom

Sick of Ziggys

I’m struggling!

And I’ve been struggling with this WIP for 11 months now.

In fact, continuing to struggle with it was my first mistake. I should have ripped it back 1″ after the toe.

I started these socks on my first trip to London last February. About 1″ after the toe I didn’t like how the pooling of the self-striping yarn was turning out. I realised that what I should do: knit tube-socks with after-thought heels using a stitch-count that worked for the pooling. Instead of sending these straight to the frog-pond, I let them languish in hibernation.

Then last September, moments before I was due to leave the house for my trip to the I Knit Weekender, I messed up winding balls for my planned travel-knitting. I grabbed these socks instead at the last minute. Over the course of the I Knit Weekend I progressed them through the gussets and past the heels. Fortuitously, because I had used a Whirlpool cast-on for the toes, I was able to use Cat Bordhi’s Side-Stream Sockitecture i.e. I turned the socks on their sides after the gusset increases and before I started the heel-turns. I liked the visual interest that gave the other-wise tedious socks. It redeemed them for me – a bit.

Then I tried to get clever. Recognising I couldn’t do much about the stitch-count at this stage, I wondered if I changed the stitch-pattern – thereby altering how much yarn was used in the round – would I get pooling I preferred. The legs of  these socks have become a mish-mash of four different stitch patters as I swatch and switch from one to the other.

The other night my knitting buddies convinced me to stop messing and have done with them. I’ve settled on a 2 x 1 rib for the rest of the leg but lo-and-behold… the pooling is the same as the foot. The socks are getting the last laugh.

DH is leaving on a business trip on Saturday so I’m determined to have them ready for his suitcase. At least that way, these socks will earn me a January credit in the Sock-a-Month9 KAL. In the Dublin Knit Collective the January theme is “Beating the Wintry Blues”; whereas the February theme is “Labour of Love”. Getting these socks finally finished would be my way of beating my January blues, that’s for sure. On the other hand, persisting with them in the first place was laborious and I only persevered coz I love DH, and giving him hand-knit socks, soooo much.


6 Responses to “Ziggy: more Zzzs than Zoom”

  1. Jakob Lenfers Says:

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  2. Sinéad Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m currently trying to finish a pair of socks I’m not having a loving relationship with.
    The stubborn part of me won’t let me rip them back, but finish them instead. The only thing is I hate them so much that I’ll probably never wear them. Maybe I should gift them like you’re doing?

    • undermeoxter Says:

      If you know someone that they’ll fit then definately gift them. It’s a shame to have the effort go to waste. What’s more, taste is so subjective – just coz you are hating them doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t luv ’em.

  3. sheknitupthatball Says:

    I think when the pooling and flashing is winning like that, you should just pour yourself a whiskey or something and let the yarn take you where it will.

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