Finally F.O.: The Irish Knitters’ Swap

Last Tuesday evening, at Knitting Night, my knitting buddies surprised me with an angel package:

Angel Treats

My Bit of Bling?


  • Collection of patterns for knitted Christmas Decorations – fun!
  • Butlers Hot Chocolate Drink cups – yum!
  • Selection of three varieties of Green & Blacks Organic Chocolates – almost all gone!
  • 0.6mm crochet hook -for a planned beading projects
  • Moleskin 2010 Diary – I’ve been searching for one since last November!
  • Chameleon ornament -cute!

They knew I was in bad form and they knew it was mainly because of the swap. To make a long (and distasteful) story short: my up-stream pal’s parcel went AWOL in the postal system. That was fine, stuff happens – I had a parcel go missing on me last September and this was only from one side of the city to the other. So far as I know, that parcel is still MIA because it has never been acknowledged. I just thank my lucky stars that I hadn’t put hand-knitting in it, as I had originally intended.

How the organiser dealt with the issue of the missing parcel – and with me (especially how she dealt with me) – is actually still too raw for me to synopsise. I’ll have to draw a discreet veil over it all for now. I was just explaining all this to my knitting buddies the other evening when they produced the above present. They had come up with the idea earlier that day and busied themselves to have it ready for that evening.

How lucky am I to have such wonderful people in my life, who are so interested in my well-being and happiness? Blessed, I tell you, Blessed!

Well, like a Karmic Douche, the next evening I got a collection note in the door. The Origin was marked “Foreign”. I had already learned who my swap-pal was (Viola on Ravelry) and knew she’d posted it from Belgium on 21st December. I hardly dared hope it was my prodigal parcel from my original swap pal, turned up after all this time; even though I wasn’t expecting any other parcels from outside Ireland.

I just had to make a detour on the way to a meeting the next morning to “swing by” by my local post office. I knew immediately, from the date on postage stamp, that it was her parcel. Seriously, she couldn’t have labled it any more clearly! The postal system has questions to answer as to why it went AWOL for so long.


I took photos of before and after I unwrapped it. She included a label on each parcel, with an explanation for each “Sin” on the back. Oh! and check out the cute card: featuring knitted socks!

Lots-a-luvley -loot!


  • Gluttony: Belgian Chocolates and Marzipan Fruits – “some wonderful things about living in Brussels”;
  • Envy: Double-ended crochet hook – “I wish I could crochet”
  • Pride: “French Ornate” unlined sketch book – “a nice place to keep track of ideas or sketches”
  • Sloth: A Purse Angel – “so you don’t even have to reach down and pick your handbag (or knitting bag) up off the floor!” (This is genius! You can see it in action in the photo above right)
  • Desire: Stitch Dots set – “I wanted to keep them for myself (and nearly did!)” – I’m very excited about getting these. I had my Ouroborus in mind when I put them on my Wish-list.
  • Guilt: Sequined Yarn – “I know you said you didn’t need any more yarn, but I couldn’t resist”  This was a really unexpected treat – I’ve never come across this yarn before so I’m looking forward to using it.
  • Anger: “I’m angry with myself that there’s nothing handmade” I love how Viola interpreted that sin!!!

I think you’ll agree, it’s a thoroughly wonderful parcel. I’m thrilled for Viola’s benefit (as much as mine!) that the parcel has turned up. She obviously put a huge amount of effort and thought into it, as I suspected she would. It was upsetting to imagine all of her effort disappearing.

I’m also glad I could show off her parcel on the Swap thread so that all involved can appreciate what a thoroughly fab swap pal she is! I reckonI was very difficult to buy for this year. On my Elfster wishlist I had asked for something hand-knit; and on my do-not-need list I had included yarn. I know only too well how hard it is to knit for another knitter. And then… to deprive my poor up-stream of guilt-free yarn shopping?!?!? Harsh!

I’m happy to be able to announce that the Irish Knitters Swap is finally over for this year. I can start to put it behind me and move on – having yummy goodies and great friends certainly helps.


4 Responses to “Finally F.O.: The Irish Knitters’ Swap”

  1. Bridget Says:

    I think it’s great that it all worked out – you got a swap package that the sender was probably upset was AWOL, and your friends cared enough to cheer you up.

    I would be happy to give a good home to any of those items that you don’t want … 😉

  2. Viola Says:

    I’ll tell you, I had visions of having to search Brussels for a yarn-loving postal employee who just couldn’t let the package go! 🙂

    I’m really glad that it finally arrived. I wonder did it go to Australia instead of my niece’s gift and have to travel all the way back? (In which case, have you seen any lost teddy bears near you 😉 )

    I hope that the chocolates are long gone by now! (I have to confess they were the second box that I bought you… the first box didn’t survive a frustrating encounter with short row heels…!)

    • undermeoxter Says:

      The chocolates were devoured between myself and my mum last Saturday night. I brought her the marzipan as well and she was thrilled.
      There’s nothing like Belgian chocolates to get you through a knitting crisis, I’m glad the first box went to a good cause.

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