January Round-Up

How fortuitous that the last day of the month falls on a day scheduled for a blog-post? And it’s a Sunday Miscellany too, serendipitous!

Overview of January:

  • 3 F.O.s – more below
  • 1 WIP not whupped – GlenvarAgin!
  • 1 bout of startitis – full recovery made
  • 2 Swap packages!
  • 3 four-day business trips by DH to Asia
  • 1 Major House task – complete (despite the above)
  • 2 other rooms in the house – re-organised
  • 1 little lad now sleeping in a big-boy bed
  • Gardening tasks coughcoughcoughcoughcough I think I’m allergic!

The three F.O. are, in order of appearance: 

  • Gherkin Mittens;
  • Two Ho(o)t Coffee Mug-cozies;
  • Ziggy Socks – finished just in the nick of time for DH to wear them on his latest flight to Asia and for me to get a January credit in the Sock-a-Month 9 KAL


Meet Jealous-Owl and Angry-Owl

I was being a bit cloak-and-dagger earlier in the month about my sudden urge to cast-on for a pair of Fetchings and then a pair of mug-cozies. The reason being – it was Fourboys’, my down-stream pal’s, birthday yesterday. I originally thought of knitting her a pair of Fetching because she had gifted SusyMcQ a pair for her Swap Pal Package. She noted that her Greed sin was wearing them out herself one night and that her Envy sin was wanting to keep them for herself.

What a Hoot!

Shortly after I’d cast-on, though, Mairead mentioned, on another thread on Rav, that she had knit a pair for herself after giving Susy’s away. I had to go back to the drawing board: I needed a quick knit but also something with some resonance for Fourboys. By chance, I happened upon the Ho(o)t Coffee pattern by Dixie Norton (Timiat on Ravelry), which is a humourous reference to the O W L S sweater. I remembered that Fourboys had taken part in the OWL-along on the This Is Knit group on Ravelry. Bingo!

The last time you saw these I was at an impasse – exactly at the half-way point I wondered whether I should rip back or go on. I decided to go for the rip and I got on much better / faster. Of course, the reason I was getting mired was I was over-complicating things for myself, not because of any problem with the pattern as written. I was delighted when I got these finished (and when I managed to find a cup that they fit perfectly) and off in the post to arrive in time for Fourboys birthday. She’s pm’d me to say they’ve arrived so no more secrecy required.

Now that I’ve got my Karma re-balanced I’m back at my GlenvarAgin… again. And (fingers-crossed and touch wood, lest I hex it again) it’s progressing nicely. I’m going to give it all I’ve got for the next two weeks, before Ravelympics begins and it has to hibernate again.


4 Responses to “January Round-Up”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Love the cozies. Really cute. And I’m delighted you got the socks of doom finished in time for hubbys trip!

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Have to say – I had an amazing feeling of calm and achievement when I finished the socks. They were worth the struggle for that feeling alone.

      The cozies were a great knit and just giving them – and the appreciative way they have been received by Fourboys – has given me a real lift.

  2. Máiréad Says:

    I love them to bits – twit twit twoo 🙂

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