WIPs for a-Whuppin’

The start of Ravelympics is only days away and the tension among the Ravlethes is palpable (pun not intended!). I wonder has there been less knitting/crochet done over the past few weeks, as people put off starting things in anticipation of the great cast-on; or more, as Ravlethes swatch endlessly to keep the crafting- bug assuaged.

Today, my WIP-Pawade for Wednesday is all about the WIPs that are going to get a seeing-to in the Aerial Unwind event:

Pebble Argosy

Pebble Argosy: Flies like a stone

Events: Aerial Unwind

Pattern: Argosy by Vyvyan Neel, Knitty Winter 2006

Yarn: ShiBuiKnits Sock, Pebble Colourway

I bought the yarn in Stash, Putney, during our trip to London last February. I enjoyed knitting the pattern, and I love the yarn, but didn’t like the way the pooling was coming out. Just not a marriage made in heaven; and I couldn’t imagine knitting another two skeins like this.

I’m contemplating giving these three skeins away as a prize in a competition I’m planning for Easter – do you think people would mind receiving three skeins of yarn if most of one was previously worked up?

Mitered Squares Scarf

Can you show me a Miter?

Events: Aerial Unwind

Pattern: Mitered Squares Scarf, by Annette Petavy, Interweave Crochet Winter 2008

Yarn: Rowan Colourscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett

This was my in-flight / holiday project while we were on family holiday in London last Easter (as opposed to my stash-buying trip to London a month earlier with knitting buddies).

As an in-flight / holiday project served its function very well. It was too “Doctor Who”-esque to actually wear, however. My own fault – I had made it a few stitches wider than the pattern called for; and I should have probably made it a hook-size smaller.

Out of the hibernation cave and into the frog-pond, it goes!

Frou Frou Swatch

What a mess?

Events: Aerial Unwind

Pattern: Swatch for Frou Frou by Suzanne Kats from The Happy Hooker

Yarn: Artesano Inca Cloud

When we went on family holiday last Christmas I foolishly ran out of time to pack properly for my craft-project. Rashly, while the taxi was being loaded outside, I grabbed The Happy Hooker, a 7mm hook and 10 skeins of Artesano 100% Alpaca. 

About 20mins into the four-hour flight I realised that 7mm into 12wpi just wasn’t going to go. I opted to try a swatch double-stranded. This went a little better but then I realised that my 10skeins of yarn would not a Frou-Frou make. Meanwhile, I discovered what might be the only yarn shop on Lanzerote (disguised as a lingere-shop in Acerife) so Christmas was – quite literally – saved!

When we returned home I tried to reclaim the yarn from the swatch and made a complete “haimes” of it! I stuffed it all in a bag and waiting for divine intervention; or at the very least, motivation like Ravelympics to help me sort it all out. I expect this to be the most challenging of all my Aerial Unwind events.

Origami Hat

Origami Hat

Events: Aerial Unwind

Pattern: Origami Chart in own hat pattern

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Worsted, Lakeview Colourway

When I went to dig out the WIPs for photographing for their project page – a before and after photo is required for the Aerial Unwind event – I found this anomaly lurking. I started it last Christmas, think I could get a hat made out of 1/3rd a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Worsted – Bwahahah!

I ran out of yarn and even went as far as buying two balls of two different colours to see if I could finish it off. It was all going to involve too much mental effort to re-design; so when I lost track of where I was in my lace pattern I parked it. It might as well get reclaimed in some way, at this point.

I should be guarenteed at least four medals, at least!


3 Responses to “WIPs for a-Whuppin’”

  1. Sheknitupthat Says:

    Well I think the pebble colourway is gorgeous! Well done on decluttering deadend wips

  2. Sinéad Says:

    I agree, the Shibui sock is a lovely colour. Actually I think I remember saying the same thing when you bought it?
    Oh, and the best of luck sorting out the Artesano, I think it might take you a while!

  3. GaietyGirl Says:

    Bwah ha ha haaa! I love the over-ambitious hat! I think everyone has had one of those “I think I can” projects that is just an exercise in frustration!

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