My Tour de Force

My Ravelympics medal haul is up to eight already – the two squares I made for the “Knit a Square to Show You Care” charity event last weekend earned me a medal each for Junior Olympics, Charity Curling and Stash Compulsory Dance. One earned a medal for Nordic Colourwork and the other for Single Skein Speed Skate. My Knitting buddies were less than impressed by my medal winners, however, when I showed them the squares last night. Words like “disparaging” and “scathing” come to mind. They even went so far as to accuse me of cheating! There I am, knitting for charity, for babies, for Haiti, no less! How can they cast such callous accusations at this kind-hearted soul? I’ve one word for you, ladies: Jealousy!

It seems that Karma has taken their side, however, and has started messing with the rest of my medal hopes:

  1. My Hat Halfpipe / Designer Biathlon attempt – to which I was aiming to add Stash Compulsory Dance and Nordic Colourwork – has not progressed so well and I may revert to my original plan of using the King Cole Merino I bought at Knit ‘nd Make last December. I may abandon the Designer event altogether – why do I procrastinate so much about writing down my designs in pattern form?
  2. My WIPs Dancing partner, Blackberry Socks, developed a gammy leg injury. I was working away happily on the leg of the second sock last night when I realised the cuff was a lot smaller than on the first sock I made last October. My best guess is that I may have been working with 3.5mm hook when I put these away, whereas I picked up a 3mm hook when I started up again. I’ve ripped back and started sock two all over again.
  3. My other WIPs Dancing partner, Not-so Frou-Frou, is just not calling to me. I have to focus on 1. and 2. above first. If there’s time I’ll give this an afternoon towards the end.
  4. I’ve started one of my three Aerial Unwind events and for some reason I’m a bit “meh!” about carrying on. I want to give them a nice soak and a stretch before really saying I’m over the finishing line, so I may feel more like tackling these this weekend.
  5. I toyed with dyeing some cotton for a Downhill Dyeing event but I haven’t got so far as to procure the correct Procion Mix Dyes. All it will take is a phonecall to Helen Deighen in Crossways Patch ( but I’ve been hit by a sudden bout of reticence and shyness.

In the meantime, I am the proud recipient of a bi-medal winner! Claire, a.k.a. Clarabel, made a Quincy Hat, by Jared Flood, while she was on holidays. For it she earned a medal in the Hat Halfpipe event and Stash Compulsory Dance (I think). She gave it to me last night as an early birthday present. I’ve worn it proudly all day. And when my camera decides to behave itself I’ll take a few snaps so that you all can enjoy it too.



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