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Crochet Socks

My WIPs Dancing Partner: Blackberry Socks

Crochet Socks

Originally uploaded by UnderMeOxter

I don’t know what it is about crochet socks but they fly along much more quickly than knitting.

After a false start on the second sock, which I recognised and frogged on Tuesday of last week, I cast on again last Saturday and had the leg done as far as the heel flap by Sunday evening. The gusset was complete by Monday evening. I’m only inches away from starting the toe; so I’m very confident of having these done and dusted before the weekend starts.

This gives me plenty of time to crack on to three more medals before Ravelympics finishes on Sunday.

Oh, and a quick note about what I learned about Zauberball from having to frog the start of the second sock: I started the first sock from the yarn-end I pulled from the centre of the skein. When I re-started the second sock I used the yarn-end from the outer end of the skein.

By chance, I discovered how to make matchy-matchy socks with Schoppel Wolle Zauberball: the overall skein must be dyed to be symetrical around its mid-way-point, so start each sock from either end.

Also: these are my February Socks in the Dublin Knit Collective Sock Club. The theme this month is “Labour of Love” and, even though they’re a WIP, no post-rationalisation is needed this month to get them to fit the theme: I love working on them.

And another thing: (!!!) see… I’m using my stitch dots! Viola gave them to me for my Irish Knitters Swap and they’re working a treat. On the first sock – which really was a swatch! – I made a mess of the gusset decreases because I kept losing track of where I was as I changed from the instep pattern to the sole pattern. Not so this time, thanks to my trusty stich-dots. Yeay!


2 Responses to “WIPs Dancing Skein”

  1. Sheknitupthat Says:

    I *love* the colourway!

    • undermeoxter Says:

      And the picture doesn’t even do it justice – you should see it in “the flesh!” I’ll most likely be wearing them at the spin-in on Sunday, so you’ll get to see them then (assuming I finish them, of course – but I will… I willl….)

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