Crafty Miscellany

Inside the Crafty Market

For my birthday treat this year my knitting buddies suggested a trip to visit The Constant Knitter and to fondle her wares. When we realised Rosemary – the Constant Knitter – was setting up a stall with Diane at the Crafty Market the date was set and the plan hatched.

On the first Sunday of every month the Crafty Market convenes in the most unlikely looking venue. From the outside you’d be forgiven for thinking you were on the set of a gritty gang-land movie where a drug-deal was about to go down. Of course, you’re not far wrong about the drug-deal because that’s exactly what’s going on inside:

There are so many stands to oogle and crafty delights to fondle, every where you look is a treat. We had lunch planned at the Mermaid Restaurant, otherwise I could have happily spent all day there.

I’ve shown you before all the purchases I made from on the day, but they’re worth flaunting again:


Merino / Tencel blend pencil roving from Diane (left), 3 balls of Kid-silk by Drops from Rosemary, The Constant Knitter, (2 shown, centre) and felted mobile phone cover and shamrock badge from Hazel Donnelly (right).

However, despite all the visual delights and the delightful stash enhancement, I realise the thing that really makes me hanker to go back is the coffee and the cakes. The barista and bakers are artisans too.


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