Thanks everyone who wrote a Limerick for my Bit-of-a Give-Away.

Karen, Bridget, Meg – who entered twice – as Meg and as Tigerseye, Averil and Deirdre.

Drum roll please!.............

And the winner (picked out by DH with his eyes closed) is…


Her winning entry is worth re-printing here:

There was a young knitter named Karen
who only knew one type of cast-on.
Siobhan got involved
and all her problems were solved
until she misunderstood “Twisted German”.

Congratulations, Karen! Look out for an email from me later (you may need to check your spam folders because I’m finding it hard to give the subject as something non-spam-oriented!) Be ready to give me your details (as in address, not bank account or anything!) and let me know your preference for the music CDs.

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s a photo from the parade yesterday in Bray.


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