My Month of Sundays

This Sunday was the first in five weeks that I didn’t spend in Dublin City Centre.

My first attempt at spinning

Inside the Crafty Market

It started with the February Spin-in on 28th February on the balcony of Powerscourt Townhouse. Claire and I grabbed a gorgeous sandwich and coffee from Lemon, down the road, before proceedings got underway.

The following Sunday, 7th March, I went to the Crafty Market with Swords Knitting Buddies . We enjoyed a delicious lunch afterwards at Mermaid Cafe.

Sunday 14th March was Mother’s Day and we brought my mother to a family concert by Kodo  (pictured above) in the National Concert Hall. We had a beautiful buffet lunch in the Conrad Hotel across the road afterwards. My mother and I both received a goody-bag from the hotel as we were leaving. I thought there was a recession on?!?!

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, Ground Floor installation

Last Sunday, 21st March, I took the kids into the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. Our lunch afterwards this time was in Café di Napoli for pizza portions for kids and a most exquisite panini for me. The coffee was nice too, if a little cold but the kids couldn’t hack the flavour of Chinnotto so I ended up drinking their drinks too.

So after such a fine list of Sundays – being all crafty, cultured and cullinary – I’ve had to plod through domestic chores today. ‘Sonly fair!

Speaking of Sundays… don’t forget: next Sunday is Easter Sunday and I’m running a Treasure-hunt around my blog and you could win these great prizes

Watch out for the first clue which will be posted on Saturday.

Send your answers to me in a Ravely Private Message before 18:00GMT on Monday 5th April (I’ve extended the time from noon).


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