Trip down Memory Lane

Recently my mother was having insulation installed in her attic under some Government scheme. This meant her attic had to be divested of its contents. There were a lot of folders full of gardening magazines which my father had collected. They dated from circa 1982 so it was an easy choice to dump the lot considering they would contain nothing you can’t now get on the Internet.

Last Saturday all of my siblings converged on our mother’s house to go through any remaining items. We each came away with a small collection of items that we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw away.

Other than a collection of children’s books, that I didn’t want to part with:

…my little bundle mainly dated from my college years. Come with me as I take you on a tour:

On the left is an extract from my 1st year sketchbook showing sketches for the final project that year; in the centre is a study of a Housing Scheme by Utzon – I got the chance to visit this many years later which was a real treat; and on the right is an extract from my fifth year sketchbook showing sketches for my thesis project. That the quality of my sketching ability does not change much between 1st year and 5th year is a sad reflection!

I took a year out from college and worked as a draughtsman in the Heating & Ventilation (HeVac) section of a large engineering firm. The HeVac engineers affectionately nicknamed me “SheVac”! They were very impressed at my ability to follow and draught ductwork as it changed its proportions through several floors. However, I was gaily inventing my own transition pieces for several months before anyone mentioned that these would be stock pieces and showed me a catalogue. Amongst my sketchbook was one I filled during this “year-out”:

On the left are plans of an unidentified processing plant. I worked on two main projects during my year out: one was always called “Wyeth” and the other “Swords”. The names didn’t mean much to me at the time but I now realise that “Swords” must be part of the Chemical plant that I can see from my workplace. On the right above is a study I made of Lambay Castle by Lutyens also during my year-out. Co-incidentally, I get a clear glimpse of Lambay Island every day I drive home from work. Oh the serendipity!

Last but not least, a sample of some of my needlework from that period:

Take a parachute... and jump!

And, before you ask: yes, I used to wear this jacket – all the time!


One Response to “Trip down Memory Lane”

  1. Katalysis Says:

    I had that exact Aesop’s book as a child here in the colonies! 🙂
    What fun to see your sketchbooks again. Mine are also buried somewhere in my mother’s house. One day I will be brave enough to throw my thesis model out too!

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