WIP: Wrist-Warmers

… trying saying that title quickly!

When I met Irene in The Yarn Room, for my class in Tunisian Crochet, I brought with me the ends of two skeins of Noro Kureyon I had left over from finishing my Not-so-Frou-Frou cardigan. My plan was to work with each from opposite ends for the forward and return passes of Tunisian Crochet; so that the colours would contrast as Noro does best. What I didn’t know is that for Tunisian Crochet in-the-round you actually *need* to have two separate balls of yarn. Serendipity.

Under Irene’s guidance, I cast-on a chain long enough to go around my wrist. Irene gave me the gist of how to work Tunisian Crochet in-the-round and I set off. Following no specific pattern other than trying it on regularly, I very quickly made these wrist-warmers:

The image on the left shows off the texture best while the image on the right gives you an idea of the colour-contrast. I love how the green continued though-out for the vertical bars, while the contrast colour changes frequently for the horizontal portions. More serendipity!

Despite the fact that they’ve been bound-off – and pressed into action in the cold weather we had recently;, I’m still considering these as WIPs. The keen-eyed amongst you might notice the decreases at the top of the rght-hand mitten. I did this mitten first and completely forgot about my ingenuity when I was finishing the second mitt. So I’ve to frog and decrease and re-finish.


One Response to “WIP: Wrist-Warmers”

  1. Irene Says:

    Undermeoxter, they came out just perfect! Noro really is great for Tunisian, I think! YAY!!! You rock!

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