WIP: Chemo Cap #1

I mentioned previously my efforts to make a hat for a co-worker who has been diagnosed with an in-operable Brain Tumour. Click “here” if you missed the original post.

Choosing a thin yarn and a time-consuming technique did not make for a quickly-finished hat. The Instant Gratification came in a different way, as I enjoyed watching the colour changes of the yarn as they progressed accross the piece.

Unfortunately, the construction of the project didn’t lend itself to being re-sized too readily. And I got it… wrong. I should have anticipated that the thinner yarn would have meant I needed to do a lot more rows of squares. I think I was in denial about how far this was from being a quick knit – I didn’t want to add to the pain by doing more again. When I finally admitted defeat, I abandoned it altogether and went on to finish a watchman’s style cap in bulkier Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton.

Entrelac Crochet in Wendy Happy

All is not lost for this project, however. Unfortunately, it’s another sad tale, though.

One of my recurring tasks at work is to carry out a feasibility inspection of a tenant’s homes. Basically, if a tenant’s needs change due to disability or over-crowding, they can apply to the Council for an extension to their home. I visit and report back to our Housing Department on whether or not it it’s feasibile to extend the house to accommodate their requirements. It’s an aspect of my job that I really love, because it brings me in contact with my “end-user” – the citizens of our Council area. I know I’m a big softie liberal leftie, but they are the reason I’m in the Public Sector.

In the last few weeks I was inspecting a two-bed, mid-terrace house for a family with two children – a boy (9) and a girl (2). The boy has Cerebal Palsy and needs access to a loo downstairs; because the children are different sexes they’re going to need an extra bedroom. I was greeted at the door by the mother and her dote of a 2yo girl – just a few months younger than my youngest; whom I noticed had a tube coming from her nostril. In the course of my visit the mother told me that her daughter had been diagnosed with cancer four weeks earlier. Hasn’t this woman had enough, already?

At the time, I was thinking I’d love to make her a crochet hat, something lacey and girl-ey with a brim; for her to wear in the summer. Then this WIP went wallup. So now my plan is to finish this hat first and use the rest of the skein to make up another, more flouncy one; then post both off.

Hopefully, they’ll be moved into a three-bedroomed house by then.

Yes, my report back to Housing said the house wasn’t feasible for extension to provide both a downstairs toilet and an extra bedroom. I added a recommendation that, in the light of the little girl’s condition (though her prognosis is good), in order to improve their quality of life as quickly as possible – currently the 2yo is either sleeping in the mother’s room or in a toddler bed in the living room – I recommended that they be transferred to a 3-bed soon. I even went to far as to check the list of empty three beds in the area and I’m to go shortly to carry out a feasibility inspection of adding a downstairs WC to one of them. Go me!


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