F.O. Chemo Cap #2

The other day, I told you about choosing to put aside my socks for April (and sacrifice a credit in the sock-a-Month KAL) in order to make a hat for a co-worker who has been diagnosed with an in-operable Brain Tumour. Click “here” if you missed it.

I never took any photos of the hat while it was in progress but I made sure to take some when it was all finished. I’m trying out the new (to me) feature on Ravelry where you can share a page publicly. So if you want to know more about this project, click on the link: http://ravel.me/UnderMeOxter/thh

It’s a side-ways construction and I made it longer than the pattern so that it’s more a Watchman’s style shaping than the beanie style of the original pattern. The original pattern was really for men so I think the longer length gives better flexibility for how a woman might wear it. It could be worn unfolded, to give that slouchy look everyone seems to be after these days. I like how the two colours worked together.

Anyway, I loved doing it and I think the recipient will like it. It’s just a bit annoying that the hamper is still sitting on a desk, unfilled with all the planned goodies and not looking like it’s going to make its way to the recipient any time soon. This is annoying in itself but also… I sacrificed a credit in the Sock-a-Month KAL for nothing!!!


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