Tour: Tunisian Crochet in-the-round

It sounds like such a makey-uppey craft, doesn’t it? It’s the kind of thing that DH would tease me about learning: “when are you going to you lesson on Morrocan Knitting while standing on your head?” “Tunisian Crochet in-the-round, ack-shilly!” I might reply, snottily. Not that we talk to each other like that, of course! It’s makey-uppey!

I’ve mentioned that I went to The Yarn Room recently for a class in Tunisian Crochet in-the-round by Irene Lundgaard. When I say it was a mind-blowing experience, I’m not exaggerating! Usually, when I’m being taught something new I have a pre-conceived idea of how the technique works. Generally, in the middle of the class, I pre-empt the ending: the fog will clear and the dots get joined; the mystery is solved and I can see it coming. Not so this time.

We have phrases for when this happens – gentle, calm phrases like: “The penny dropped”, “It dawned on me”, “It’s just clicked” or “A light bulb went on in my head”. Not so for me.

I already knew how to do Tunisian Crochet and for those of you who don’t: it’s like a cross between knitting and crochet and each row involves a forward and return pass. With the over-and-back process required for creating fabric in Tunisian Crochet, I couldn’t visualise how you could keep going round. That was, until I met Irene! Instead of the proverbial light-bulb switching on quietly, innocently; I had the opening scene from “Saving Private Ryan” going on in my head as Irene lit fireworks and threw them around my brain.

  • To knit in the round, you never turn your work.
  • To make Tunisian Crochet you never turn your work.
  • To make Tunisian Croceht in-the-round you turn your work before each return pass.


To be able to turn your work in Tunisian Crochet you use two separate balls of yarn.


Even though you’re turning your work you’re always working in the same direction.


One yarn is chasing the other around in a spiral.


As you can imagine, I was quite exhausted by the end of the class. I hope Irene recovered to fight another day!


One Response to “Tour: Tunisian Crochet in-the-round”

  1. Irene Says:

    CAPOWH! That’s it in a nut shell and the possibilities are simply just mind blowing. The possible colour changes alone are just crazy. Tunisian rocks! And so do you! YAY!

    PS. I’m still gunning for the Tunisians, naturally! 😉

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