Stash: Combination Stashing

As if my last forray into unplanned stash accumulation wasn’t enough for me, I had to go mad in TIK two weekends in a row! I was there for Annie Modesitt’s class on Combination Knitting – the high-light of my knitting calander to date. I think I was a bit giddy from all the excitement so I was very vulnerable when the yarn-fumes in the shop hit home.

Malabrigo and DDC – resistance is futile

From the left, we have:

  • Malabrigo Sock in Rayon Vert – it reminded me of pheasants, I was helpless
  • Malabrigo Worsted in Nostalgia – I was literally mid-sentence, talking to Annie Modesitt (of all people!!!) when this caught my eye on high shelf behind her head. I have no idea what happened next… I’ve no idea whether I just rudely walked away from Annie in a starry-eyed trance…(I suspect I did!) but obviously, I couldn’t resist it.
  • Alapaca Lace dyed by Dublin Dye Company – it has a fantastic 1200m! It is beautifully subtle in its colouring. The yarn has a delicate halo that I know is just going to be stunning knitted up. Now to find the perfect shawl to knit it into…

I’m not letting myself within an ass’s-roar of TIK for a while. And we’ll just ignore their most-excellent online shop, won’t we? Really?


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