Wampum WIP

Recently, I showed DH the socks I have underway currently:

He commented: “It looks like a wampum belt”.

To which I replied – with all the mock-malice I could muster – “I’ll give you a wampin’ belt!”

Despite my feigning umbrage, I searched for Wampum on Google images and had to agree:


Trust me, it's a toe!

Last time you saw these, I had only completed the first half of the first sock and was wondering whether stranding a faux-fair-isle colourway with a solid colour was the best mix to show off the strange construction of the sock. After much hemming and hawing, I decided to bite the bullet and un-strand one half of the yarn I had previously wound together.

This was both the best decision I could have made and one of my worst ever. I think there’s no doubt that my hunch right: completing the other half of the sock in alternate stripes of faux-fair-isle and solid was the right move, in terms of showing off the construction.

But MAN! was it a PITA to de-ply 200m, or so, of yarn. It involved large puddles of yarn, all over the living-room floor. Needless to say, I did this one evening DH was away.

But… it was worth it.


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