May Round-up

Yet again, the last day of the month falls on a blogging day. A “Muse on Monday” this month so I’m being retrospective rather than introspective:

  • 2 F.O. – Better Mousetrap Socks, Baby Blanket for Bootie
  • 3 WIPs-not-whupped – GlenvarAgin Cardigan (insert sigh here!) in fairness, I finished the body, only the sleeves left to do; Chemo Cap #1; Bamboo wash-cloth;
  • 2 Meet-ups with others that I’ve only previously “met” online – Annie Modesitt’s Workshop on Combination Knitting and meeting Averil in Café Bell;
  • 3 new techniques learned: Combination Knitting, Grandma Cast-on; cabling without a cable needle – Cinderella-style (all at Annie’s Class);
  • 2 U.S.A. (unplanned stash acquisition) – after each of the meet-ups mentioned previously – no really, I didn’t plan on buying yarn, honestly!
  • 1 S.E.X. – online expedition to The Yarn and Fiber Company; carried out in April, delivered in May
  • 1 Major House Task advanced: went out to Tender for demolition of garage and building of deck (yay!)
  • 1 hall floor re-floored and phone-line found (double-yay!)
  • As a result we now have broadband – which means I can access spinning tutorials on YouTube (triple-yay!)
  • 1 birthday cake made – a big hit
  • 1 DD turned 8 and birthday celebration went off well

It’s been quite a month, as you can see. It’s not every month you get taught by Annie Modesitt; or learn a new techniques – that you actually go on to use.

It was a very special month to have finally got the chance to meet with Averil too. Other Ravelry names that I finally got to put a face on in May include: Samsaradh and Anonany; I was in the same room as MaryL at Annie’s class but I didn’t realise it until later.

I haven’t been great at keeping track of the knit-o-meter these days. I suspect, with all that Stash-Enhancement (planned and otherwise), I’m way off my plan to knit or give away more yarn than I buy or gain. Must try harder!


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