WIPs Wednesday: GlenvarAgin BeginAgin

Body Done!

Originally uploaded by UnderMeOxter

You haven’t seen it in a while, so I wanted to reassure you that I had made some progress in the past while. I finished the body in mid-May but only this evening got DH to try it on so that I could confirm this. All I’ve left to do now is the sleeves, sew in a zip and finish the collar.

I’ve oooodles of incentive to help me over the line:
For starters, I wouldn’t let myself cast-on for any of my planned projects until I finished this. This has meant I didn’t do

  • a cardigan in variagated blue Lamb’s Pride for DD in February;
  • a brown cotton jumper for DS in March or
  • my lacy shrug in Manos Silk Blend for me in May.

So much for plans, eh?

In addition, This Is Knit are planning to knit Annis, the Knitty Surprise in the latest issue, as their Summer KAL. Cast-on is scheduled for 13th June. There’s nothing like a bit of a deadline to get me to focus on finishing a project – just ask my latest socks!


2 Responses to “WIPs Wednesday: GlenvarAgin BeginAgin”

  1. Mairead Says:

    God bless your staying power. Weaker mortals would have fired it down and left it there.

    Looking forward to the final unveiling and to joining you for the Annis KAL 🙂

  2. Averil Says:

    I have to agree with Mairead – that’s some staying power! it’s going so well you cant give up now. I’m considering (yet again..) taking the plunge into garment knitting for me, as opposed to knitting more accesories (socks, hats, scarfs, shawls, etc). Lets see how dedicate I am to the idea..

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