FO: Better Mousetrap Socks

It took a while, but my April socks are finally done, albeit in the middle of May.

First time you saw these it was as a curl of 240-odd stitches on a too-small cable-needle.

Cast-on 1st Sock

Then I wondered if the effect I was getting, with the yarn choices I’d made, was right for the construction method of the project.

Mottled-effect: more Matrix than Mousetrap!

After much deliberation – and knitting one half of the sock – I opted to de-ply the yarn I had double-stranded and re-wind it so that I could make the second half in alternate stripes of variagated and solid.

DH declared it to be a Wampum Belt but, for me, this project was the sock-equivalent of the Baby Surprise Jacket – only you know that it’s a pair of socks. More importantly, you don’t know that it’s really going to fit until you sew it up. The project had a different surprise in store for me, however: I ran out of yarn 10 rows before the end.

Sock Surprise; now with added surprises!

I was quite daunted by the idea of grafting the 200-odd stitches on the seams – four times over! However, Debbie New describes a Super-simple grafting method that helped me get the job done without fear or stress.

Then, the final test: trying them on…

They fit; he likes them; I'm happy!


4 Responses to “FO: Better Mousetrap Socks”

  1. Bionic Laura Says:

    Very nice and a really interesting construction.

  2. sheknitupthatball Says:

    What an interesting pattern, I’d love to try it myself. They are gorgeous, well done.

  3. Mairead Says:

    Very unusual. Look really nice 🙂

  4. Averil Says:

    They look cool.. but grafting 240 stitches is not for me.. I hope your DH appreciates all the lovely stuff you’re knitting him!

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