Choix d’Annis

Selection Box of Treats

Last week, I was feeling very over-whelmed and I decided I needed some me-time. For many of my female colleagues “me-time” would involve getting a facial, a hair-cut or shopping for new shoes. These things would be living hell for me – especially now that the only hairdresser I’ve trusted in years has run off to Jersey to get married, the cheek of him!

No, my idea of me-time is to take out all my sock weight yarn and try to decide which pattern to make with each: heaven!

The box on the right doesn’t represent all of my sock-weight yarn – not by a long-shot! Instead, it’s a a little box of treats: a selection box of those skeins I hope to knit this year. Considering there’s 12 projects there and only six months left in the year, I’ll be doing well to get them all done!  But it will certainly be fun trying.

Annis Ol' Yarn, Annis Ol' Yarn, Annis Annis Annis Ol' Yarn

From the top:

So which one do you reckon will be best for Annis (the Knitty Surprise in the Spring / Summer 2010 edition of Knitty)… and why!

Answers in the comments here and I will give a prize to whoever comes up with the most convincing argument for any of the four yarns above.


4 Responses to “Choix d’Annis”

  1. deirdre Says:

    If it were for me I’d knit it in in Dream in Color Smooshy in the petrol-y blue, cause I’m a purple person. However that hedgehog Fibres Merino Cashmere in green could have some interesting relationship with the Nupps and the variagation could add a nice piece of interest to the plain knitting.

  2. Mairead Says:

    Ooh ooh the malabrigo sick in rayon vert as it’s raisin d’être is to be Annis. Annis comes from a word meaning satisfaction and I’m satisfied it would look suitably yum in that colourway.

    I can totally empathise with your lovely day. I love going through my yarn too. Your selection box is making me very covetous.

  3. Bionic Laura Says:

    I have Malabrigo sock yarn in rayon vert too! I thought I would make Damson with it, so had it ear marked for that. Now I’m wondering if I’ll use it for the Annis KAL. It would use it up and I wouldn’t have to add to the stash. My misgiving is that I don’t know if a variegated yarn will work for a lace project. I think perhaps a solid or semi-solid would work better. I’m fancying the dream in colour smoohy there for Annis, it seems more semi solid. I was thinking of using some lace weight possibly in green. See I’m not being much help to you there am I?

  4. Sinéad Says:

    See, I’m coming at it from a slightly different angle. You need some “down time”, some enjoyment. Therefore I shall rank the yarns by my favourites to knit with so your shawl will be enjoyable to make.
    1. The Smooshy. This is hands down the best sock yarn I have ever knit with. IMO, even better than Wollmeise. I totally heart this yarn. And the colour would make a lovely Annis too (although that’s incidental)
    2. Misti Alpaca. Coz it’s yum. I’m having a bit of a love affair with Alpaca at the mo. The colour is really nice too, I think it would be really pretty as an Annis.
    3. Malabrigo Sock. Very nice & smooshy too, but not quite as hardwearing, so I think it would be better used for a shawl rather than socks.
    4. Hedgehog Fibres. Only 4th as I’ve never knit with it. Although I agree with Deirdre, the greens could make for interesting nupps, and it’s a nice foresty type colour.

    Helpful? Maybe not, but to be honest, you’ve a great choice there. Any of them would be really nice.

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