Tour of Duty

Being a knitting-mother of school-going kids I believe I am honour-bound to produce a knitted item as presents for their teachers. It’s a duty I take very seriously but, over the past two years, what should be an opportunity to create a unique present – that is appreciated and cherished for its one-off exclusivity – becomes yet another lesson in hubris for me as the resulting item is (more-than-likely) greeted with quizzical look or received with forbearance.

This year, because I now have two children going to school, it should mean I’ve twice the “fun” in store. In fact, I have high hopes that I will succeed this year. Not only do I expect I will produce gifts that the recipients will like, but I won’t be stressed out of my head about how long it is taking me to make them.

Or… I’ve yet another module of “Hubris and How It Builds Character” to complete a practical exam for my Life-studies course at the University of Life. So why am I starting out feeling so confident? Why should this year be any different?

First of all, DD – precocious and forth-right girl that she is – asked her teacher what knitted gift would she like me to make for her. Word came back “I’ve loads of scarves and hats and gloves; but what I would really love is: a multi-coloured tea-cozy”. Thank you Ms Cusack – that’s exactly the information I needed. I’m delighted with this because

  1. at least I know I’m knitting something that she might actually want and use,
  2. it’s a fairly small and manageable project, so time-wise it won’t take most of the coming month and
  3. I’ve never knitted a tea-cozy before and it’s something I’ve wanted to do but needed an excuse to get on with.

Hedgehog Fibers

For Bonus-Points, I realised that I can dust down a WIP I started in a bout of Startitis earlier in the year: Calyx Hat by Debbie New in Noro Big Kureyon. If I judiciously omit to sew up the seams – at the right places – hey, presto: my hat’s a tea-cozy.

Then, I showed DS my copy of Whimsical Little Knits 2, by Ysolda Teague. I was thinking Snapdragon Tam or Scoll Lace Scarf. I should have guessed: naturally, he picked out Smith – the Hedgehog pattern – for me to make for his teacher.

I’m pleased with this selection too, since

  1. it also shouldn’t take too long and
  2. I’ve been wanting to make this pattern for a while.
  3. I’m on Double-Bonus Points because- surprisingly – I have brown yarn!
  4. What’s more, this pattern will teach me a new cast-on: Triple-Bonus-Points!!!

So, sorry Ms Daly, if you weren’t expecting to get a stuffed hedgehog this year; but this knitter is hoping for Kudos not Hubris, this time!


3 Responses to “Tour of Duty”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    I’m dying to see the hat-that-has-now-become-a-tea-cozy. Very inventive, I must say 🙂
    And the hedgehog is really cute. How could Ms Daly not like it.
    You’re very good to make presents for the kids teachers, there’s no way I had time to make one for my daughters teacher.

  2. Averil Says:

    Can’t wait to see these! especially the hedgehog.

  3. Sue Says:

    If I’d known I might some day received a hedgehog, I would have become a teacher!

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