Misc-ing in Action

see what I did there? Sunday Miscellany – gettit?

One blog-post does not “a comeback” make! Needless to say, I’ve been doing lots while I was away and I have oodles to blog about. There have been several FOs, lots of spinning, ridiculous amounts of stash-enhancement and even some demolition.

This time around, I’m making no promises about when or whether I’m going to fill you in. The reason being, I’ve made two fundamental changes in my life since I was last blogging regularly:

  1. Getting to bed early… so that I can…
  2. Get up early for a run

I don’t know if you remember this blog post from last year: One Day in my Life. I was pathologically incapable of getting to bed before mid-night, most nights; and “surviving” on six hours sleep. Even after I took up running, which involved getting up before anyone else in the house; I still allowed myself only six hours or less. It took me a while to realise I was just hauling my tired ass around the route.

Getting to bed at 10 or 10:30 means I have to be more disciplined about what I let myself do in the evenings. Blogging is one thing that has suffered as a consequence. My time on Ravelry has diminished too. On the plus side, DH and I have watched the first two seasons of The Wire in the evenings together instead – limiting ourselves to just one episode of an evening.

I have running to thank for this radical change in my life-style. You’ll recall I took up training for the Women’s Mini-Marathon earlier on this year. Through Twitter I heard about the Couch-to-5K programme – an interval training programme – and quickly became hooked on the challenge each session and each progression poses. If there’s nothing my knitting has taught me it’s how I like to challenge myself, eh? I was amazed by how quickly I went from being able to run only for one minute up to running for twenty continuously.

About  month ago, though, I hit a bit of a wall. During the summer I set myself the challenge of training to run 8K (5 miles) – for no better reason than to see if I could. Halfway through the 10-week programme I began to question why I was doing this to myself. An empathising tweet from @J_viola (aka Viola on Ravelry), about a 7k race she was training for, made a light-bulb go on in my head. A short google-search later and I’d signed up for an 8k Fun Run in aid of Dublin Simon Community. Just signing up but a spring back into my run in the morning; and the feeling that I shouldn’t waste my time and effort trying to train when I’m too tired, made me get myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

I’m hoping that you will sponsor me for the Run, which will take place in The Phoenix Park in Dublin on October 9th. I can’t deny my motivation for running is the personal challenge rather than being dedicated to helping homeless people through-out the city. Be that as it may, the Charity is very worthwhile; and is indirectly linked to what I’m paid to do.

Please sponsor me for a few quid either by going on-line to my sponsorship page or in person (those of you who meet me in real-life).


3 Responses to “Misc-ing in Action”

  1. Averil Says:

    Yes i seriously need to prioritise too, and start getting to bed earlier. Back to work tomorrow so we’ll see how the New start goes..

    Best of luck with the race and the training in the coming weeks.

  2. sheknitupthatball Says:

    What an inspiring post! I’ve been listening to you and Elana tweet about the couch to 5k programme and am off to check it out myself now (and to your sponsorship page!). You should tweet the sponsorship page so we can retweet?

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