To Nupp or not to Nupp

My plan for today’s “Tours on Thursday” blog post was to follow-up on my last post, showing you my Annis, by giving you a detailed tutorial on how I did my Nupps. Then I realised that I don’t have a suitable piece of knitting underway that I could use to photograph the method in progress. (And I’m too lazy to knit something up, purely for demonstration purposes.) Instead, I’ve decided that I can describe what I did in one line; thus the photographs and blow-by-blow description would really be padding.

First of all, what’s a Nupp? It’s a bobble or pop-corn or cluster of five or seven stitches that crops up as a feature in lace-work and Aran jumpers. In the Annis pattern it’s a seven-stitch cluster; so you start forming the Nupp on the knit row by [k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1] all into the same stitch. When you come past the same cluster of stitches on the purl row, you purl all seven together.

Purling seven stitches together is not such an easy thing to do and the Nupps seemed to present everyone in the Annis KAL on the This is Knit Ravelry Forum some pause for thought at the very least. Many opted not to do them at all and chose to do beads instead, with beautiful results. Others used a crochet hook to make the nupps all in one movement but found the process almost as fiddly as [P7tog]

I didn’t have beads; and didn’t hear about the crochet hook method before I came up with my own solution for making the Nupps:

  1. Since I was using a long circular needle for my Annis, when I came to the [P7tog] I pushed the cluster of stitches to be purled together down to the cable part of my needles.
  2. This meant I wasn’t struggling against the full thickness of the left-hand needle as I tried to negotiate all seven stitches together.
  3. Once the manoevre was complete I moved the stitches back up to the tip of the left-hand needle to allow them all to slip off together;
  4. making sure the new single stitch is firmly positioned on the right-hand needle of course.

Manoevering the cluster of stitches down to the cable in this way meant a lot less struggling for me and no faffing around with a crochet hook every time I made a Nupp.

One word of warning, this is probably not the kindest thing you could be doing to your circular needles, so be gentle with them if you choose to try out my method.


3 Responses to “To Nupp or not to Nupp”

  1. Bionic Laura Says:

    That’s a really nice solution to the nupp problem. I did the crochet hook method which is pretty fiddly. I must try this next time I need to do a nupp.

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    […] Undermeoxter is Misc-ing in action; Finishes her Annis and awards me a prize and offers advice about nupps […]

  3. rubbishknitter Says:

    oh, good tip – wish i’d read that before i tackled my nupps!

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