I Love Rhinebeck in Fall; How about You?

I can’t believe that it’s already a week since I was at Rhinebeck. I also can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it yet. So much to say and so litte time back in the hum-drum of the real world.

Yarn as Padding

I think many of the experiences that Clarabel and I had will be stuff of posts to come so for now I’ll try to give you a taster with what were the high-light moments of the weekend.

From the knitter’s viewpoint the following were the jack-pot:

  • Shaking Casey’s hand at the Sunday Ravelry Meet-up and thanking him for Ravelry on behalf of all Knitters & Crochetiers in Ireland (yes… I was *that* dorky and uncool! BUT… exactly how much was I going to beat myself up with regret if I didn’t? Only my entire life! HAD to be done) 
  • Shaking the hand of the Tsock Tsarina herself and asking her to pass on my regards to Helen Of Troy – a regular reader here (thanks Helen) who, I remembered in the nick of time, is her regular Sunday Knitting buddy;
  • Buying an Ashford Joy – with the carry-bag thrown in – for less than I’d buy both here, thanks to the suddenly favourable exchange rate;
  • Nan Kennedy and Seacolors Yarn

  • Having a chin-wag with Nanney Kennedy of Seacolors Yarns who gave me “Shear Spirit” (gratis): a book that features her “living the dream” as a yarnie on her idyllic Meadowcroft Farm. I bought three skeins of her solar-dried yarn in “Coral” colourway to make a funky dress for me;
  • Meeting Jonathan Bosworth – of the beautifully crafted spindles and cleverly engineered spinning wheels and chakras – and inviting him to Ireland on behalf of all spinners here (yup, more of the uncool groupie vibe!) Also, picked up one of his spindles for BionicLaura
  • The Fleece to Shawl Competition – and the spinner / weaver who told us about it in the first place – is all worthy of a post of its own;
  • Getting a demo on how to start drafting a silk hanky from the dyer Gale who also sold me a Trindle

Bosworth and Spindle

  • Meeting “The Librarian” from the “Completely Pointless and Arbitrary” Group on Ravelry and his gorgeous chaparones Pixisis and Golrizjoon on the Hudson Walkway
  • Meeting Jesh at the Ravelry meet-up and then snapping up one of the last of her gorgeous spindles
  • Generally chatting to as many fellow fiberistas as I could (and wangling into the conversation that we’d travelled all the way from Ireland just for this weekend – just to see their reaction)

Other fantastic treats any traveller would appreciate:

  • Driving through Mannhattan alongside all the yellow cabs (more fun and less stressful than I expected)
  • Staying at Jenny’s Country Manor (Donna, the proprietress, is incredibly hard-working; we never saw her husband, Ezra, but his cooking is to die for!)

Jenny's Country Manor

  • Seeing the incredible array of autumnal colours that New York State puts on display
  • The Walkway over the Hudson an old railway bridge at Poughkeepsie that was recently re-vamped as a pedestrian walkway

  • Lunch at the CIA – the Culinary Institute of America, in this instance
  • Dinner at the Terrapin Bistro, quaffing craft beers while enjoying their deliciously interesting re-interpretation tapas

There was more – so much more – but if I don’t stop and publish something soon it might never get done. But before I go, a taster of the Stash Accumulation:


Rhinebeck Stash


5 Responses to “I Love Rhinebeck in Fall; How about You?”

  1. Bionic Laura Says:

    I was going to write a comment but I’ve been utterly consumed by jealousy…

    It looks like it was fantastic and you had a great time. I also liked seeing the sneak peak of my lovely Bosworth, it seems you choose well.

    The stash has been well and truly enhanced! Loving the wheel all surrounded by it’s yarn padding.

  2. Claire Bradley Says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to miss seeing the goodies tomorrow night – have a mngt co. committee meeting! All looks great.

  3. sheknitupthat Says:

    I am similarly consumed by jealousy. I would like an Ashford Joy and all that new stash to pad it’s journey! Cannot wait to see you at spin in Sunday with your new wheel!! (I’ll be at the one *after* this one.)

  4. wyvernfriend Says:

    I am soooo jealous!!

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