Rhinebeck – now in Techni-Colour!

I was bowled over by the beauty of New York State in Autumn (or Fall, as I should say). When I first saw New England, some 20-odd years ago as an au pair for family in Connecticut, I was struck by how green it all is – greener than Ireland, in fact, thanks to all the deciduous trees. Seeing it again at this time of year, as all those deciduous trees put on their annual display, was such a special treat. The array of golds, oranges, yellows, reds, greens were all set off by a back-drop of crisp, gorgeous blue.

Hudson FallHudson in AutumnAccross from Jenny'sMy camera does not do it justice

So I set myself the task – a mission, if you like – to find a skein of yarn that would capture this colourway so that I could be reminded of its beauty and of this feeling again in the future as I knit it up. There were many contenders but the winner was found at the Blue Ridge Yarns Stand in Building A on Sunday Morning:

Rhinebeck Colourway

The colourway is officially called “Apple Rose” but I’m re-naming it “Rhinebeck Colourway”. It came close, but it doesn’t have the back-drop of blue sky represented. I think that alongside the Fleece to Shawl competition (I told you about in the last post) they should have a dyers competition for the capturing the essence of Rhinebeck.
When I bought my wheel later on Sunday from Liberty Ridge Farm’s Stand, Sunny Bixby insisted that I should have a bag of her carded and dyed roving to practice on. She had an intimidating range of fabulously dyed colours, covering a 4m wide by 3m high wall. It was a daunting choice so I asked for colours that would again capture the Rhinebeck colours. Instead of using these to practice, though, I think I’ll have to find other fibre to practice on so that I build-up my spinning skills to a level that I don’t destroy these beauties forever.

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