Smashing Pumpkins

At Rhinebeck (I was there, you know, recently; Ya! – flew over for just that weekend! I know, it was mad!) I learned a lot about pumpkins. Growing up we didn’t have pumpkins in Ireland, whereas now every Hallowe’en the supermarkets are awash with them. So I see them as an American “invention”. Only, I realise now that I’ve been to America at Hallowe’en, we’re only getting the “Executive Summary” of what you can do with (and to) pumpkins.

"They're Pumpkins, Jim; but not as you know them"

First off, there’s a much wider range of types of Pumpkins:

Then there are kits for how you can make your own felted versions:
I know my history-loving DH, and destruction-loving kids, would have loved seeing the trebuchets set up for the Pumpkin Chucking Competition:
One of the gifts I brought back for my kiddies – which I found in the CVS in the town of Rhinebeck – was a Pumpkin Decorating kit ála Mr Potato Head.

You can make up to three separate faces at the same time (obviously there are several permutation of actual faces you can make at any one time – but we’re not going to get into a philosophical / mathematical discussion here) So we – by which I mean, the three crazies and me pushing in the pieces – tried it out this evening:
DS1's SelectionDD's SelectionThe Earl's Selection


3 Responses to “Smashing Pumpkins”

  1. Helen (of troy) Says:

    well,I’d quibble and say they are squashes- which comes in lots of shapes and colors (and pumpkins are a specific variety of squash)

    some are edible (actually all are edible, but some taste bitter, and some bland (like cardboard!)) most of the novelty ones are from cross pollinated varieties. But they are fun for decorating.

    My parent–from your neck of the woods (Errigal Rd/Drimnaugh) never acquired a taste for eating squash–not even pumpkin pies. but we kids all did.. (i don’t much like pumpkin pie (or for that matter any custard pie) but i eat all sorts of squash as a vegetable–many varieties are very sweet (for vegetables!)

  2. Mazza Says:

    Love the mix and match faces- cute and scary at the same time! Plus your pumpkin isn’t a fire hazard and won’t go-off so quickly!
    I think they call the ‘ugly’ mishapen squashes in the top photo – gourdes. They photograph well but not sure how appetising they’d taste!

  3. Crafty Blog Update 24th-30th October « Irish Knitting & Crochet Says:

    […] Undermeoxter blogs more about Rhinebeck; Sheep to Shawl competition; the Colours of Rhinebeck and varieties of Pumpkins […]

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