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I’m taking a brief hiatus from bragging about being at Rhinebeck to show you my goodies from the Dublin Knitting and Stitching Show (DK&S).

Many of my friends assumed – quite understandably – that since I’d been to Rhinebeck only two weeks ago I wouldn’t be going anywhere near a yarn- or fibre-selling venue anytime soon. Being my friends though, they’d forgotten to factor in my insanity coz they’re so used to it by now, I guess.

 Queue in

In fact, I had two reasons for wanting to go to (DK&S) this year. The first was to meet BionicLaura and give her some of the purchases she had asked me to get for her in Rhinebeck.

It's a Batt!BionicLaura's goodies

It also gave me a chance to show her Don and get a few tips from her on spinning with “him”. This, we did upstairs; at the stand for the Irish Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. I signed up for membership(€20 until end of 2011 – you know you want to!) and then we set ourselves up – me with my wheel and Laura with her new Bosworth spindle. Máíre Ní Neachtain signed me up afterwhich I met Peter at the wheel. We were joined by Lindy (a.k.a. RosKnit on Ravelry), who is Secretary of the Guild; and who was delighted to try out my Trindle. She was having such a fun time with it, I felt like such a mean mommie when it came to telling her I had to take it home with me.

So far, so sane. I’d bet you’re wondering – “where does the insanity come in”? Ah! Well, that would bring me to the second reason I wanted to go to the DK&S.

It all goes back to a month or so ago and a tweet (or two) I read about the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt and how addictive is. Now, let’s be clear: I don’t quilt. I hardly know how to use a sewing machine. I’m not sure what possessed me to click on the link that came with the tweet but what resulted was instant Love/Lust/Passion/Divil-may-care. I knew right then “in that moment” that I had to try this quilt.

Let me just spell-out the insanity for you (i.e. me!):

  1. I don’t sew / quilt
  2. To date, I have used my very basic sewing machine to “sew” exactly one seam (joining the fronts of a pyjamas together to make a costume)
  3. The quilt I want to make is great for using up scraps – see point 1. above!
  4. Because of points 1. and 3. above, I must buy my scraps

I’ve read previously, elsewhere, that when someone is really passionate about a project they will be sufficiently driven that their own inability will not be such a hindrance. This may well become a mantra with me! So the DK&S was the ideal place to fondle quilting fabrics and see if I could build up a supply of scrap fabrics for this quilt.

We won’t dwell on the first vendor’s stand that I tentatively approached regarding my mad-cap scheme. Her reaction, upon seeing the proposed quilt, was “How horrendous!” (I kid you not!). I realised that she was referring to the idea of sewing together 1,600 squares. While I can appreciate the sentiment I didn’ think it was the best “Sales Strategy”! I listened to her advice about trying to sew strips together before cutting the individual squares, while quietly packing up my print-outs and planning my escape route.

Most other quilting vendors were helpful, while appreciating, in a jocular way, the madness of my plan. Within a short-time I had most of the main colours sorted by way of new-fangled notions (to a knitter) of “Jelly-rolls” and “Charm Rolls” (You will appreciate that I have actually no idea and much fun during discovery awaits – Ignorance is Bliss, after all!)

Tokyo Subway Map Supplies

When I sat down to lunch and pulled out my purchases, to ogle them some more, some lovely ladies at the same table enquired how long I’d been quilting. I referred them, in a conversational manner, to the above and they laughed heartedly! They also recommended that I locate that elusive 48-hour day. Of course, I mined them for advice on what basic equipment I needed and then went off to make my final purchase of the day from Coleshill Accessories stand.

Quilting equipment

Accessories from Coleshill; Book from http://www.SewGoodBooks.co.uk

In conclusion, the DK&S was fantastic again this year. If you’re planning on attending next year I’d recommend a) pre-purchasing your ticket so that you can avoid the queue (even at Doors-opening time it was as long as in the top-most picture, above) and b) arriving early so that you can walk around freely and purchase without a scrum for at least 1 hour. After that, I’d recommend getting your purchasing done early in the day and then stashing it in your car; so that you can then amble about unhindered and appreciate the incredible artwork displayed at the back of the hall and the more intimate stands up on the gallery.

Before I go, an admission that not all of my purchases were entirely quilt related; I “supported” both This is Knit and The Yarn Room. Obviously, just as for my purchasing of a pattern from the P/HOP stand, this was entirely a charitable act on my part. It’s not like I need the yarn any more than I need a pattern, is it? (Insert eye-roll here)

 Spud & CloeLopi and Zauberball


8 Responses to “U.S.A outside the USA”

  1. Mairead Says:

    So good of you to magnanamously support all those charities -a.k.a. yarn shops :). When I open my Ballyconnell shop (some time this century) it’s good to know I can count on your generosity of spirit.

  2. Mairead Says:

    Love the yarn for the beret. What type is it?

    • undermeoxter Says:

      It’s Spud & Cloe – gorgeous yarn in fab colours that I dont do justice to at all! The colour on the left is a deep wine / burgundy that, I think, sings with the Lettuce and Teal.

  3. Bionic Laura Says:

    Great post! Thanks so much for the goodies from Rhinebeck.

    Best of luck with the quilt project. I know I don’t have the patience for sewing all those bits together. A few ladies in my knitting group do quilts too and they make lovely stuff. It looks like you have the right stuff anyway. One of those cutters and a grid is a great idea as it saves you the pain of cutting out all the little pieces with a scissors.

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