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It’s coming up to my 1st anniversary of signing up to Twitter. I’m often asked by non-twittering friends and relations why do I do it. Pondering on this question led me to realise all the amazing things that have happened over the past year that I can directly attribute to being on Twitter.

For the company
First and foremost, chatting with several of my knitting buddies through Twitter is a great source of company and adult conversation for me when DH is on a business trip. If memory serves, that’s the main reason why I subscribed in the first place – DH had a trip in January last year.

When that unpronounceable Icelandic volcano erupted while he was on a trip in April, Twitter really came into its own. I could get up-to-the-minute information by following @ashalerts or @klm. I could relay this information back to DH, assisting him in his decision-making. The information helped keep me sane. In addition, following others who also had loved-ones stranded abroad, or who were stranded themselves, got me through the additional days DH was away. Twitter provided some comedy in the situation, too. Someone set up a joke account for the Ash Cloud – very helpful to appreciate its point-of-view. I particularly enjoyed following Bill Bailey, as he drove from the Southern tip of Spain, through Europe to get back to England for a gig.

Annie Modesitt’s Workshop
Your Twitter experience depends on how many people you follow, who they are and how often they tweet. One person that I follow is Annie Modesitt, a knitwear designer & teacher that I knew of through my knitting-buddy, @Clarabel. When Annie tweeted an obscure reference to a trip to Ireland I jumped right in and tweeted back that a good number of Knitters in Ireland would like to meet up with her. She tweeted back that she’d love to and next thing we know, This Is Knit have arranged for Annie to give a workshop. This was one of the high-lights of the year and because of it I got to meet SusyMcQ – a co-organiser of the Knitting Retreat in 2008 – again; plus other fellow Irish Knitter Ravelers, like Samsaradh, for the first time.

When the snow in early December kept a lot of knitters from travelling to their regular knit-nights those of us on Twitter decided to have a virtual knit-night. The banter was just great, though not a lot of knitting got done since it’s harder to knit & natter when you have to use your fingers for the nattering! I met a lot of new tweeting-knitters that night; some of whom, I think, joined Twitter especially to take part in #Twitknit. with snow on the way again, we’ll be doing this again soon. The joy is, that we can be joined by tweeting-crafters from around the world.

Santa’s little Helpers
It is amazing what the Twitter-verse can do for you. Recently, I tweeted that Santa was in deep doo-doo because certain obscure requests from kids could not be obtained. Two of my followers on Twitter, @Doogarry (FourBoys on Ravelry) and @SineadR (Sinead on Ravelry) came back with suggestions including links for where to buy on-line. Santa was very appreciative and Christmas was most definately saved!

#WIPdown and a Meet-up
Great post-Christmas fun has also been supplied by Twitter. When @SineadR tweeted about finishing all her WIPs before the end of 2010, so as to give the New Year a freshstart; a number of her fellow-followers jumped on-board as well. Suddenly, my languising projects were being dusted-down and finished off! The power of the band-wagon (a.k.a mob-mentallity) even had me haul GlenvArgh out for the first time in a year.


Meanwhile, some knitting-tweeps agreed through Twitter that a meet-up was in order. We met-up in the Library bar of the Central Hotel last Thursday. We were joined by non-tweeting knitters: Bootie, Anne1 and Aeris. Biggest high-light of all for me, was finally getting to meet Viola (@J_viola) my upstream Secret Pal from the last Swap. It was a complete treat to finally get to meet her.

So why am I on Twitter? For the craic, I guess!


6 Responses to “Muse on Twitter”

  1. Irene Says:

    And thank you for the craic!!!

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Twitter is the best. It’s like having a constant gossipy phone call with your mates. I love it.

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