Spinning WIP: Fire and Ice

As I mentioned, we started a SkAM-SpAL (Skein-a-month Spin-a-long, in case you didn’t know!) over on the Irish Spinners Group on Ravelry. The idea is to help motivate each other (me!) to make a dint in our roving stash by at least spinning on skein each month – on spindle or wheel.
We’ve got very loose rules after that. And while we’ve hit upon a theme for the month: “Fire and Ice” we reckon you would satisy the theme if you said “Here’s what I spun while sitting by the Fire, drinking Bailey’s on Ice”!

So, with apologies to those who’ve already seen this on the thread, here’s my planned skein for this month:


It’s Hand-dyed Merino Roving from Ivy Brambles. The colourway is called “Volcano” and I bought it online from the Yarn & Fiber Trading Company after my husband got stuck in San Fransisco in April when that volcano in Iceland erupted. When he didn’t bring home a single scrap of compensatory yarn or fiber for me I went on a bit of a shopping spree and couldn’t resist including this in my haul!

I started this last November, after I got my wheel at Rhinebeck and am thrilled with the first bobbin:

Volcano-1st bobbin

I divided the whole length of fibre down the centre length-ways and I’m nearly finished the second bobbin in the same direction.

I’m hoping that the finished plied yarn will be mainly long stipes of both singles in the same colour but with some transitions where one single takes up the next colour sooner than the other – if you follow me?

Edited to add: This evening I completed the 2nd bobbin. I’m dreading the next stage: to – gasp! – ply them.


5 Responses to “Spinning WIP: Fire and Ice”

  1. Bionic Laura Says:

    Plying is fine, give it a go! I find plying more relaxing than spinning the singles. Once you get into the rhythm it goes quite quickly.

    • undermeoxter Says:

      I’ve finished both singles – just now! – and I’m worried that one bobbin looks like it has a lot more yarn on it than the other. I’ll be doing well to ply, let alone Navajo ply the remaining single so it will be trepadacious stuff…
      Who needs thriller movies?

  2. Wrapnturn Says:

    Wow it is soooooo even. Lookin good. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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    […] talks about beginners spinning books; a spinning WIP and plies […]

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