Eclectic and Enchanted Soles

Great enabler that my knitting-buddy Bootie is, she pointed me towards these pattern books from Janel Laidman (including, with feigned nonchalance, the link for where I could buy them on The Rustling Leaf Press web-site):

Bootie knows me so well, that she knew I wouldn’t want to resist. I had never heard of Janel Laidman before. I haven’t been able to get enough of her since! The photos of two patterns that I’ve included here just don’t do them justice. If you’re on Ravelry, have a better look at her books here:

The Enchanted Sole

The Eclectic Sole

I bought the books last April but I was too late at that time to sign up for her sock-club. I left my details indicating my interest in her next one. When I got the email alerting me that sign-ups had opened for the next one, I jumped on it straight away – despite the fact I was out at my Christmas Party!

In fact, Janel Laidman has two different clubs running in parallel: “Art & Sole”, which give a sock pattern and a non-sock pattern with each shipment; and “Illuminations – Colourwork Sock Club“. After much hemming and hawing, I went for the Illuminations – Colourwork Sock club rather than the Art & Sole. My main reason is that I’ve only done very limited colourwork socks – only one pair comes to mind, in fact. The colourwork patterns Janel Laidman has in her books are just stunning.

Signing up for the whole year seemed a bit steep for me at the time – what with a lot of our budget being tied up with Christmas presents; so I’ve opted for the pay-as-you-go option. Here’s what I’ve to look forward to:

  • 6 shipments per year, starting January/February 2011
  • Beautiful sock yarns from a different dyer each shipment
  • TWO new and exclusive sock patterns from Janel Laidman each shipment
  • Choice of color family when signing up for the club
  • Instructions and videos specific to colorwork techniques for socks
  • Pattern only option!
  • KAL group
  • surprise goodies and extras!

The first installment should arrive in mid- to late- February. Can’t wait!


2 Responses to “Eclectic and Enchanted Soles”

  1. wyvernfriend Says:

    I have the Enchanted Sole, I have threatened to buy the other one.

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