Stash: EasyKnits Sock Club 2 – Ember

My second (and last) stash aquisition for January arrived the other day – the first instalment of the Sock Club from

What a beauty? Again, he has a rich array of colours and tones – from hot pinks to sizzling yellow with some brooding browns and roaring reds thrown in. It’s perfect for the pattern he has included with the skein: Ember – twisted-stitch patterns forming a flickering flame and hour-glass motifs on a reversed stocking-stitch background.

I kinda can’t get over the value for money I’m getting. A custom-dyed skein of Blue-faced Leicester in an exclusive colourway; a pattern especially written for the skein and a little gift – this time a little container of hand-cream from Lush – and all for only GB17stg (dagnammit! can’t remember where the pound-sign is on this keyboard!) That translates into €20 or so, including shipping.

For once I’m not just teasing you all, however. I got an email from that sign-up is open for Sock Club 3.

If you like what you see, sign-up here to book your place. Sign-up stays open for a month. Only then do you have to confirm that you still want to take part when EasyKnits send you a PayPal payment request.

I’ve signed up. Won’t you join me? I know you want to…


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