Spinning WIP: Hope Springs Eternal

A new month, a new theme for our Skein-a-month Spin-a-long: Hope Springs Eternal.

I like this theme  – it could relate to the start of spring on 1st February (Irish / Celtic Calendar) and the Hope that Spring brings.

Or… it could be a spring of water, bursting forth with promises of eternal hope.

Or – as in my case – it could be the eternal optimism that springs from an ability to Hope! Hope that one day… I may be able to produce a skein of consistent yarn.

I bought these two “balls” of Louet Corriedale Top in TIK last summer; and started the first on my spindle. I had *hopes* that because it was pencil roving that I wouldn’t have to do as much drafting; thereby letting me focus on the other aspects of spinning I was struggling with… like the spinning bit… and the “adding twist”… and the “making yarn”!

That didn’t work out so super-fantastic and the whole thing got shelved. So with the Hope that Springs from this month’s theme this poor little project is being shown the light of day again. I *hope* to continue the first “ball” on the spindle but to spin the second on the wheel. Then ply the two (this should be interesting, to say the least!)

This was the project I brought with me to the January Spin-in last Sunday. I started off the wheel-spun single and did a fine impersonation of someone who hadn’t a clue what they were doing with a wheel in front of them. Yes, this was the morning after the night before and my over-indulgence played havoc with my abiltity to draft and treadle at the same time.

I switched to the spindle and was quite pleased with myself for trying to draft without parking. I had been watching BionicLaura and DubSpinner as they were doing this and had a little epiphany. Then my spindle decided to fall out with me too (possibly something to do with me over-spinning the yarn – what-evahz!) so I gave up and switched to knitting!

The Spin-in was periodically visited by the enthusiastic students of Aoibhe’s wheel-spinning workshop: SusyMcQ, KneeHigh and two others that I didn’t get the name of. Susan now reports that she can spin from the fold and Navajo ply. I haz the mad jealous! But also… HOPE!

If someone can spin from the fold and Nav-ply after an afternoon spinning workshop why can’t I? Step one is that I tell myself “there’s no reason why not!”; Step two is that I grasp the hope that this realisation brings and just get on with it. So thank you, Aoibhe and Susan – even though I wasn’t taught how by the former or shown by the later – just the fact that I know this is possible instils *HOPE* that I can!


2 Responses to “Spinning WIP: Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Hope springs. Great name. Lovely colours too!

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    […] Undermeoxter does a January roundup and shows some spinning wip […]

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