Spoilt for Choice

I’m torn.

My spinning calls to me: The bobbin on my wheel says “10 minutes a day helps the knowledge to stay”; the yarn on the spindle itches for me to try drafting-without-parking again. The two singles are excited about how they’ll look when they finally get together.

My knitting waves from my bag: One of my knitting WIPs has a dead-line; the other has a longer cable-needle that would help the first move faster. This is a typicial knitter’s dilema, enough to paralyse you with procrastination.

Meanwhile my crochet sulks in the corner of the room. It yearns to be re-united with its hook that went AWOL in the kitchen. It knows its time will come; but is impatient for when that will be.

But my head is full of Patchwork Quilts: fabric, colours, patterns, cuts, seams, wadding, quilting.

Deep breaths! Smell the fibery fumes.

When I came back from a Quilters workshop last Saturday I was completely on a high, buzzing with the all I had learned, been exposed to. I didn’t know what craft to turn to, to “come down”.

Housework won out in the end, would you believe!


2 Responses to “Spoilt for Choice”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Two many hobbies spoil the projects! Only joking, I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of your workshop!

  2. Crafty Blog Update 5th-13th February « Irish Knitting & Crochet Says:

    […] Under me Oxter has a knitter’s catwalk; talks about quilting and is spoilt for choice […]

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