A Quilting Workshop

Down the bottom of her garden Mary has a crafting-studio. A “Seomra” type building to rival the most spacious “Man-shed”. It is fabric-artist’s heaven; a haven for the crafty.
I thought you might like to see what goes on in a Quilting Workshop, at a Quilting Workshop.

In the Quilting Workshop

To give us a taste of all the essential elements of patchwork, Mary suggested we learn how to make a basic block from four sqaures of different fabric.

After the fabrics have been selected, they need to be ironed (left). Then Mary showed us how to cut the fabric into four identical squares (right).

Top Tip #1: check that the rotary cutter has fully made the cut before pulling the plastic straight-edge away (right)

Once the four identical squares are cut, two squares are further cut in half and the fourth is cut into quarters. Mary looked after the seaming (left). Then she showed us how to pin the seamed pieces to ensure that the seams will line up (centre). Top Tip #2: place the pin right through the gap between both seams!

Below you see the finished blocks that each of us made (mine is on the bottom left in this arrangement). We played with different arrangements of the six blocks on Mary’s “Design Wall” – a sheet thrown over a door that is sufficiently tactile to hold the fabric-blocks in place. It was interesting to see how the blocks reacted to their neighbours when they were re-organised.


2 Responses to “A Quilting Workshop”

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    […] has an account of the Quilting Workshop; makes some material decisions and talks about wooing the […]

  2. Zita Says:

    What an awesome set up. I bet her crafting shed doesn’t end up filled with piles of laundry, like my currently rather uninpsiring crafting room at home. That workshop looks really cool – was it a one-off or does Mary do a term of classes?

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