Material Girl

At the Quilting Workshop I was like the quintessential “Lady doth protest too much, me-thinks”. Many times I was heard to pronounce that “I am not a Quilter”. Usually, this was preceded by some admission to owning quilting accoutrements; or the volume of textile stash already acquired.

The consensus was: for a non-quilter, I have a lot of quilting-related things. Despite eye-rolls being an optional extra, they were liberally applied by all.

Quilting equipment

As I’ve previously posted, I set about accumulating all these tools and raw materials at the Dublin Knitting & Stitching show with the Tokyo Subway Map Quilt in mind. The advantage of this quilt for the average quilter is that it deliberately uses up their scraps. The problem for the non-quilter – like me – whose fallen in love with making the quilt… I had to go and *buy* my scraps. I thought the simplest way would be buying pre-selected strips of fabric, called “Jelly Rolls”.

I got two jelly rolls – one with a variety of rainbow colours, the other with a range of yellow, green, orange and pink. I also got four charm-rolls to fill up some gaps that I could see in the colour-range I needed for the quilt. This selection is to be further augmented by some “scraps” of Japanese fabric I bought on-line.

Tokyo Subway Map Supplies

I thought it might be interesting to show you more detail of the filtering out those fabrics that I felt wouldn’t work. When I opened the rainbow-esque Jelly-roll, it was obvious there were at four fabric strips that I knew I could discard immediately for being too busy (centre). I was pleased with the range of colours I was left with, though – see the right-hand picture below, with the colour requirements shown along-side.
Jelly roll un-rolled Left-out / left-over Jelly Roll contents

Red Range Purple Range
When I opened up the charm-rolls and laid them out with the similar colours from the larger Jelly-rolls and the Japanese prints, it was obvious that certain fabrics wouldn’t work because they were the wrong tone. Here’s the “Purple range” . I rejected many out of these because I felt they didn’t have the right level of “brightness” to work well with the others.

A similar exercise with the “Red range” highlighted the pink-ness and orange-ness of some fabrics; that I felt would not work well with the deeper reds.

I’m thrilled with my final fabric selection for the quilt. Now all that’s needed is to cut them into their 2″ squares…


Tokyo Subway Map Quilt Colours


2 Responses to “Material Girl”

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  2. mollydot Says:

    Looks great so far!

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