Wooing The Muse: Trust The Process

Ah Twitter, you let me down!

I appealed to the oracle that is Twitter, looking for details of a poem that I remember studying in Secondry School – though I don’t remember whether it was for Leaving Cert. or Intermediate. So much for my education! I don’t remember who the poet is either, though I’m pretty sure it was male and I think he was Irish. I don’t even remember whether this poem was written in Irish or English. Yet, I did expect someone in the Twitter-verse to be able to track it down for me… not unreasonable, was it?

I do remember what the poem was about, though: it was the poet’s reflections on his relationship with “The Muse”. The crux of it was that he saw “Inspiration” as a butterfly. If he tried to grasp hold of it, he would crush it. But if he waited it would, like a butterfly, descend on his finger and he could pay homage to it.

And if I could only remember the poem it would be *perfect* for today’s Muse on Monday!

One of the areas that Mary discussed at the Quilting Workshop, was how she works through a project from initial inspiration to finished quilt. She showed us one of her (I suspect, many) notebooks where she was working through one particular idea. This was one of the portions of the day that I was thrown – with delight – back to my college days of sketching and designing.

Her friend Liz, who is a tutor in an Art college, recommended the book “Trust the Process” by Shaun McNiff.

The following image was her starting point – a photo from National Geographic of a decorative, tropical fish (I’m going to go on a limb here and say “Tiger Fish” though I’m sure I’m not right).

From there she worked on some details and colours from the picture in various media and with a variety of techniques. All the while, she would repeatedly work on similar motifs – not necessarily certain of where it would all lead; not necessarily determined that it would lead anywhere at all. Just working and re-working and allowing the hand/eye co-ordination to become so immersed in the motif that making it became second-nature.

The photo, above right, is the result of this process – for now. It is beautiful piece; done in machine-stitching with beading and embroidery on black felt. You could frame it as it is.
Mary’s not sure where this will end up but it waits for insprition to land.


2 Responses to “Wooing The Muse: Trust The Process”

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  2. mollydot Says:

    Scorpion fish, maybe?
    Rhinopia scorpionfish

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