Choose Between Right and Wrong

My WIP of choice this days is Petals – Kirstin Omdahl’s pattern for Crochet So Fine – that I’m making in sumptuous purple Alpaca Lace dyed by Dublin Dye Company. I hadn’t been making much headway on this at all over the past few months. For a while it was the WIP I brought with me to work because it’s so neat and portable but it meant I might only have a 15 – 30 mins to work on it at lunchtime.

The problem was I would spend almost all the time I had available figuring where I was in the pattern, and where the beginning of the row was. Only recently did I follow through on my brain-wave of putting a stitch-marker in the start of the round. This has made a world of difference to how quickly I can get moving again when I pick it up; and how much it can progress anytime I touch it. Round-on-round I keep surprising myself at how fast it’s growing now after stagnating for so long.

This evening, as I was halfway around the 2nd-last round of the back, my excitement was building at how it was getting easier to see the gorgeous pattern emerge. Easier to see… yes… then I *really* saw it…

Wrong From Right

Can You See It Too?

The green stitch-marker is holding the loop of my live stitch and I’m working anti-clockwise. The “pineapple”, in the section I have *just* made (i.e. to the right of the green stitch-marker), has a missed stitch about five rounds down. Compare it to the shape of the preceeding “pineapple” section – i.e. on it’s right.

Still can’t see it? How about some close-ups for comparison:

Petals Wrap on Cover

The *problem* with crochet is that – unlike knitting – there is no way (that I’m aware of) to tink down a few rows to sort out a mucked-up stitch. The choice is to rip aaaaaaall the way back to the mistake orrrrr decide you’re happy to live with it. When you look at the finished garment – as it’s shown on the front cover of the book – you’ll see the bottom-most segment of the hexagon gets quite gathered. It’s likely that if I organise to position the “wrong” segment here that no-one will ever notice.

However – and this is the crux of all matters of WIPping or Ripping – *I* will notice. And I think it’ll bother me. I think I’ll have to rip right back.

Just as well I had figured out a way to get it to progress more quickly, eh?


3 Responses to “Choose Between Right and Wrong”

  1. Sinéad Says:

    Ooh Poor you. I hate when I notice a mistake. I struggle with ripping back or not, but inevitably I give in and rip back. Hopefully you won’t have lost too much time!

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Between here and Twitter I now have two votes each for ripping & WIPping.
      I fear my casting ballot will be to rip on the basis that a) it’s either for my daughter’s communion or my brother’s wedding so it will be a special piece & I don’t want anything to niggle at me.
      Also, b) both events are still months away, so I’m not under a deadline to have it done now.

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