Fun-Fair Fun

Just to let you all know that the Fun-Fair Fund-Raiser was a huge success. It was very well supported by the whole town, who turned up in droves. Everybody seemed to have a great time and there was no trouble.

We got great feedback from people who were delighted to have something to do locally, after the parade. I’m delighted for the committee members of the Parents’ Association too. This was a huge thing to have taken on and they pulled it off. Understandably they all feel cock-of-the-walk right now. And deservedly so.

I was running around all day, doing what I could to help out. For the morning, I was working in what DH called “the Food-Court”. He was being perfectly serious, I might add!

I quickly learned that, despite my spinning knowledge and experience, candy-floss is quite a different game. I left that to others and stuck to selling crisps & sweets.

My next posting was as face-painter. I don’t know how many flags I painted on kids’ cheeks. I think I was pretty rubbish at that too and occasionally couldn’t bring myself to charge the full €2 for my efforts. I’m just glad the Irish flag is so straight-forward.

When the queue for face-painting died off, I went to help out in the coffee-shop – more normally known as “pre-fab classrooms for 5th class”. That looked like a bomb had hit it and I believe it had been heaving earlier in the afternoon.

At some point I also did “crowd-control” at this baby: the inflated caterpillar/ obstacle-course at the back.

I was helped by a team of 11 year-old girls who were managing quite well without me. They just lacked the “Mammy-voice” needed to keep the lads their own age in check. They’ll learn that in time!
The only chance I had to run-around taking photos was before the hoards arrived. I took one snap while the people were milling about:

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2 Responses to “Fun-Fair Fun”

  1. Alifeofherown Says:

    It sounds like you’d a great day. Fair play to your DH and the parents committee for putting it on! And I’m glad to hear it was well supported by the local community.

    • undermeoxter Says:

      Some feed-back the PAC got from a recent resident in Ireland, that I think says it all:
      “Thank you very much for organizing such a fantastic event! Not only it
      makes kids and their families happy, it also makes [this town] to be a better
      place and brings it to the different level! Hope the fair made a great

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