Golf: A nice walk, wasted

That was how my father always described his game of golf. Before you start to wonder, I haven’t widened my interests involving sticks and balls: that’s still restricted to knitting.

Back in January, my mother asked me to knit her a cover. In fact, what she said (by text) was:

Hi I am getting great value out of pink hat and neck warmer u knit. Just find both brill not only 4 golf. Ta! Could u knit cover 4 a golf club, please. I lost 1 & cant replace it. Wider than sock & longer & narrower than hat. Any bright colour. Hope all well.

Regarding the colour, she had further suggestions:

Yes turquoise, anything else. It can b gaudy!

Scouring around for club-cover pattern on Ravelry I found that most have been designed by Sarah Wilson a.k.a: Sexy Knitter.

I also noticed that she used Malabrigo for some of her designs. That reminded me that I had this lone skein, looking for a function in life.

This helped me decide on Whimsies as the pattern in Malabrigo.

Now, yarnie-readers amongst you already know Malabrigo’s characteristic of improbable softness. A softness that should destine it only for use around the face. I took a straw-poll from the Twitter-verse, and @Theelfyone summed it up by proclaiming:

omg. Luckiest golf club on the planet.

I’m sure many of you feel using Mmmalabrigo for a club-cover is a nice wool wasted – and I’m ambivalent myself. I *will* say that the gorgeous-ness of knitting with Mmmalabrigo helped nine inches of 1×1 ribbing whiz by.

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3 Responses to “Golf: A nice walk, wasted”

  1. sheknitupthat Says:

    Julie was right! I like how the colours are striping.

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Gorgeous colours, it looks great. And Julie is spot on, what a lucky golf club!

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