Support Daffodil Day!

Today is Daffodil Day in Ireland: a fund-raiser for the Irish Cancer Society – the main cancer-related charity in the country. A quick google-search tells me that this also happens in America.

It struck me today what a great emblem the daffodil is for the event. Daffodils never fail to cheer you up. With their trumpet-shaped flower they triumphantly announce the arrival of the burgeoning Spring. Their bright yellows and oranges help us hope for a warm, sunny Summer in the future. Most of all they’re a celebration of surviving the depths of dark Winter.

The Irish Cancer Society is about the hope of survival. Supporting them supports the hope that the chances of survival out-strip the disease. Hope is an important weapons in the arsenal of anyone battling the disease. Without Hope the battle is already lost.

This year, I’m supporting Daffodil Day with more gusto than in previous years; and I’m asking you to do the same.

Many of you who read here, and have met me in real-life, will also have met Elana and already know the devastating news: recently her husband was diagnosed with Leukaemia. That I should call Elana my friend seems highly presumptuous of me: We’ve only met a handful of times yet we “clicked” within minutes of our first encounter. She’s someone I would feel quite comfortable to divulge inner-most thoughts and fears to. More than that though, she passes my ultimate litmus-test for friendship: someone I would have no qualms about receiving help from.
I have never met her husband at all. I follow him on Twitter and I like what I read. They are documenting their experience at “the front-line of their battle with the disease on their shared blog: Start at the beginning.

Show them and others your Hope that they will be triumphant! As triumphant as the Daffodils! Support them, support Daffodil Day!


3 Responses to “Support Daffodil Day!”

  1. sheknitupthat Says:

    Great post. I wasn’t in town today and didn’t get to buy a daffodil – I hope they’ll still be around tomorrow but if not I can make a donation on their website 😀

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Excellent post. Love eleventy.

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