In a Quandry

I can get quite paralysed by indecision. So paralysed that I procrastinate myself into missing the boat entirely. I’m on the cusp of this again.

But first a bit of background…
At the end of May we have two major family events: brother’s wedding and then – two days later – my daughter’s First Holy Communion. Having two family event separated by two days means two completely new outfits for me. And you know how much I love shopping for clothes for me. Bleughch!

As part of my stash-down knitting-plan for the year, I identified Peaseblossom Tunic by Kirstin Omdahl…

…as a good pattern to use my Fyberspates Lace.

I thought this could be a starting point for one of these out-fits. This puts me on a dead-line to try and have it complete by early May so that I still have shopping-time to buy the outfit to go with it.
Ingenious plan, no? Eh… no. Highly risky plan that may well back-fire. Grab your time-machine and return in a month’s time to witness the debacle.

The thing is… ideally, I should also be advancing the Petals Wrap as the basis for a second (as yet also un-purchased) outfit.

My dilemma? Keep going on Petals or get Peaseblossom up and running?

Until I figure this out I’m quite likely to do neither. By which time the procrastination will determine the outcome. Go me!


6 Responses to “In a Quandry”

  1. Treasa Says:

    Do you want to bring the yarn tonight along with the pattern and we can have a look at it? I’ve seen what you’re doing with the wrap cardigan.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Definitely finish the petals wrap. At least make yourself do a little every day. My still swollen hand is a testament to how unpleasant crocheting rapidly to meet a lastminute deadline is 🙂

    • undermeoxter Says:

      You make a very wise point. It would be better to have at least one thing done than to have two things half done. I’m not a fan of pressurised-crafting either.

      • Alifeofherown Says:

        I think you said it all! Try finish one of them for the big day and if by some flight of chance you get both done, well it´s a bonus!

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