Illuminations Sock Club Stash – Dawnsinger

Timing is everything.

Last month I got the first instalment of the Illuminations Sock Club from Janel Laidman. I knew it was coming and was beside myself with excitement as I opened the parcel. I was in for a surprise… an anti-climax.Dawnsinger

This is a hard thing to say, but my first reaction was disappointment. I think, mainly, this was due to my over-heightened expectation. I’ve blogged before about how much I idolised this designers work. I was expecting complexity, ingenuity and “delight” in the Vetruvian / Architects meaning of the word.

I was also expecting two sock patterns. What I got was a basic-looking, cuff-down, sock pattern with two charts for alternative designs around the leg. I felt this was not a good opener for a year-long sock club of six instalments. I immediately regretted signing up for the colourwork sock club. My kids can colour in squares on a grid to make a picture of a bird or a leaf – where’s the ingenuity in that.

More than this, the colours didn’t “Wow!” me. I had planned a whole blog-post about their arrival at the end of February and… well… you can see the photo I took for it. Dull, drab, lifeless. For me, this says it all about my lack of enthusiasm. The blog-post never happened and I put the kit away wondering if I would just gift it to someone.

Then – as I say – timing is everything. The other day, Spring arrived in my garden. The sky was blue. The leaves were a shocking green. These were the exact colours of the skeins in my kit… as you can see:

Stacatto Sock

Suddenly, I love them! They are the perfect encapsulation of Spring. *Now*, they sing to me. I realise that my timing had been all wrong. I needed to see them in the context of blue skies and fresh leaves; and not the dull skies and lifeless trees of last month.

This new look at the skeins made me look closer at the sock pattern(s). I realise they’re not so basic after all – there’s something interesting going on with the ribbing of the foot. I’m willing to give the Sock Club an open-mind again. I’m willing to hope that the next installment will knock my socks off!


2 Responses to “Illuminations Sock Club Stash – Dawnsinger”

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  2. Sinéad Says:

    Wow, they’re like different skeins of yarn in the sunshine! It’s amazing the difference a fresh perspective can make.

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