How to cheat at Crochet

First off, I feel the need to apologise for my last post – kudos to anyone who tried to struggle through it. It’s hard enough to decipher the problems someone else might be having with a pattern, but I was additionally hampered in explaining things by a lack of formatting: Our PC at home has died – and work wouldn’t let me access – so I couldn’t view the post in anything other than my iPhone.

Particular thanks to those who offered help. In fact, my post was my way of establishing that the only logical approach was to accept that there’s an error in the instructions.

I’ve flagged this to the designer and she referred me to errata for the pattern. Unfortunately, they don’t amend the instructions I had the problem with – which means if the designer tried to read my last post she struggled to make sense of it too.

Anyway, the pieces are now joined and the edging is advancing. It’s slow going but mainly because I keep stopping to admire my work!

Do you remember a while back I was wondering about whether to rip back to fix an error on a pineapple on the back? Here’s a handy reminder:
More recently I mentioned that I had solved it without ripping and promised to let you know how.

I’m pretty confident you can’t tell which one of these two pineapples is the fixed one. At a push you’d probably guess the one on the right, and you’d be right! As it turned out, this pineapple is positioned in the centre of the lower-back of the wrap so will be even more hidden.

Want to know how? On the wrong side, I joined a separate length of yarn with a few slip-stitches along an existing chain (thicker chain 4th down from top of picture). Then I made some chain stitches and joined them at appropriate intervals to the relevant horizontal chain.

I did all this on the wrong-side and it’s not at obvious from the right-side. Well, for a man on a galloping-horse, anyway.
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