Stash Flash-back

I can happily report no new acquisitions of stash recently -go me! I was wracking my brains to think what could I blog about for this Stash-Saturday post when it struck me I never fully filled you in about my Rhinebeck purchases last October. (Denial, much?)

One of the high-lights of my weekend was to shake the hand of a designer I greatly admire: Lisa Grossman, a.k.a. The Tsock Tsarina.

More than because I love her designs (though i was acting like a bit of a star-struck groupie) I mainly wanted to introduce myself because she’s a knitting-buddy of Helen Of Troy (OfTroy on Ravelry) who blogs at Golden Apples. Helen is a knitter and blogger that consider as an online friend because she reads my blog and often comments. We’ve never met – and are unlikely to get the chance to – so I felt shaking Tsock Tsarina’s hand was the next best thing to shaking Helen’s.

Anyway, The Tsock Tsarina does the most amazing designs for sock – many quite outrageous; all of them witty – which she sells as kits.

It was tough to chose but I opted for “Poseidon” in the end.

This had a beautiful skein of Jennifer’s Flock Sock in “Thalassa”, a bright blue with tints of green. This had a beautiful skein of Jennifer’s Flock Sock in “Thalassa”, a bright blue with tints of green.

I’m thrilled with the pattern too as it has tutorials on a few techniques that are new to me: Russian Long-stitch, for starters. This is a front-runner for the next pair of socks for me.

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