Muse: Book Reviews

For this Muse-on-Monday I’m going to review my most recent book aquisitions:

From left to right…

  • Knit 1, Purl 1 in Crochet
  • Learn to Crochet Socks
  • Interlocking Crochet
  • Learn to do Bavarian Crochet
  • 101 Double-ended Hook Stitches

Knit 1, Purl 1 in Crochet

by Bendy Carter, published by Annie’s Attic

I found this in the local library and was fascinated. With its assertion of knitting-through-crochet I assumed it was going to be based on Tunisian Crochet. I was wrong.

The explanations of the technique this is based on are so obtuse it took me ages to realise that it is no more than variations on crochet’s slip-stitch. Rows and rows of it on it’s side look like stocking-stitch (if you squint hard enough).

There are some nice projects but it’s all a little pain-staking when you know you could go much faster in either “proper” crochet or to just knit it, if that’s the look you’re after.

Learn to Crochet Socks

by Kathy Wesley, published by American School of Needlework

This is more of a booklet than a book but the front and back covers show you all the sock patterns that it contains.

None of them are hugely aesthetically pleasing and they’ll look like they’re going to be ill-fitting or slouchy, at best.
However, the patterns are either for a worsted- or sport-weight wool, so they’ll be fast to work up ( for when I have urgent need of hand-made socks!)

Interlocking Crochet

by Tanis Galik published by Krause Publications

I’ve been fascinated by this technique ever since I met Nic Wybourn (@nickerjac) at Stash in London yonks ago. She showed me a sampler of the technique that she was working on and blew my mind.

Of the five books I got, this is my favourite. Great, clear pictorial instructions and some lovely projects too.

I can see some stash-busting in my future with this book.

Learn to do Bavarian Crochet

by Jenny King published by Annie’s Attic

This was possibly the most disappointing, of the five. It’s basically square-upon-square of 4-treble clusters arranged to build up into a Granny-square effect. I’ve already used too many words to describe this.

To call this “stitch” after a whole region is stretching things, I’m sure. I can imagine all Bavarian crochetiers rolling their eyes at this in much the same way knitters in Ireland grow weary of the presumption of Aran-esque cables.

101 Double-ended Hook Stitches

by Annie’s Attic

This does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want 101 ways to mess-about with crochet hooks and different coloured yarn, look no further.

If you want to progress with your newly-acquired skill, look way beyond this. The descriptions of the technique are fine here and the permutations get tedious; but the book contains only two projects and they are just pure gick!

There you go: some good, some bad but all of then I’m glad I had…

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3 Responses to “Muse: Book Reviews”

  1. sheknitupthat Says:

    ‘I’ve already used too many words to describe this’ LOL!! Reading this in work and just snorted!

  2. Sinéad Says:

    Lots of crochet going on there. Love the descriptions!

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