Easter Egg Hunt Results

Thank you to everyone you had a crack at my egg-head hunt on Sunday. It was a spur-of-the-moment notion I had for a bit of fun, given the day that was in it.

The “correct” answer was Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery in Co. Sligo. Apologies to those that felt at a disadvantage for not knowing their Irish Geography or for not being au fait with archaeology but as Clarabel pointed out:

tis easy enough to google for the answer; you know the county right and you know “what it is”

True enough.

The first clue was a picture of a Dolmen and – looking at my Twitter stream (no rule against that, indeed I expect it!) I had tweeted I was in Sligo. If you did a Google search for “Dolmen” and “Sligo” one of the first few links you’d find is: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrowmore

Clarabel, WrapNTurn/SusyMcQ, Mollydot, BionicLaura and Sweensie all submitted (by one method or another) correct answers but… the prize was for the most *accurate* answer.

If no-one had gone so far as to name-that-Dolmen then I would be drawing one winner from a hat of these five names.

However, BionicLaura and Mollydot both went that step further in accuracy by naming the actual Dolmen/tomb – Listoghil – and not just the cemetery.

BionicLaura who, by her own admission, knows her megaliths identified it as

Carrowmore megalithic complex, listoghil tomb

on the basis that

[it was the] only one with cairn around it


Mollydot deduced it from the logic of the second clue:

I’m going to go for Carrowmore, Listoghil Dolmen, cos you’re more likely to see Maeve’s cairn from the dolmen than vice versa!

Again, anyone using Google could have spotted the marked resemblance of the second image on the Wikipedia page page to the picture of the Dolmen I posted as the first clue.

To acknowledge the smarts and drilling-down-ness of these two
participants I think it only fair that I send a prize to each.

BionicLaura: I already have your address. Mollydot: could you please DM me with yours?

Thanks again to all for taking part. I hope you enjoyed the challenge at least. I hope you’re at least inspired to go touch a 6000 year old monument soon!

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3 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt Results”

  1. Bionic Laura Says:

    Yay! I love your alternative Easter egg hunt, it’s so much fun! I had great fun hunting for the clues.

    I love megalithic tombs and have visited most of the main ones in Ireland. Carrowmore was my favourite though, it is an amazing place. It’s just fascinating how old the tombs are, I tried to imagine life that long ago and how people lived then. Our guide was great too, when she knew we were really interested she told us everything she knew about the site. They really had a sense of place in the landscape as the views from Carrowmore are outstanding.

    Anyway I’m so delighted to have won a mystery prize! Thank you!!!

  2. mollydot Says:

    Thank you!
    It was the Maeve’s tomb clue, the first one I saw, that helped me the most. I’d missed the tweet about Sligo, but got that from googling Queen Maeve’s tomb. And the page I looked at mentioned Carrowmore and another place as being near the tomb. Then matching photos confirmed it was Carrowmore and gave me the dolmen’s name. No geography or archaeology needed!
    I must visit it sometime. I like dolmens, etc, but had never heard of it before.

  3. Lace Flower Brooch « Aran Brew Says:

    […] also have to report the arrival of some new stash! This was unexpected as I won a prize on Undermeoxter’s blog. Last year she had an Easter hunt on her blog and she did it again this year which was great as […]

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