Tour: Boora Bog

On “Holy Saturday” my brother brought us to Boora Bog. The occasion was a Treasure Hunt he had organised for his kids, their friends and their cousins (i.e. my kids).

The first thing you should know about Boora Bog is this is where my Dad brought my Mum to start their romance. He was a recently graduated Engineer and his first job was with Bord na Móna. He took her all the way out to Boora Bog on a drive to show her his work place. She must have been impressed (or sufficiently filled with pity).

The first thing you should *really* know about Boora Bog is that it is the site of an ancient lake that stretched as far as Lough Ree on the Shannon. A Mesolithic settlement was uncovered in the 1970s – I was all about the Mesolithics Easter weekend, wasn’t I?

don’t these clouds just look like a piss-take?
Now, the *main* thing you need to know about Boora Bog – the reason I mention the place at all is that it is a fabulous place to visit and to walk around. Someone, more recently than my parents’ courtin’ days organised international artists to install fabulous sculptures. Here are some pictures of my favourites:

Go, check it out… it’s truly stunning and worth the drive.

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